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Finding POIs and Itineraries

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I own a Dell Axim running a 7.x version of TomTom. I loved the ability to add new POIs and create my ITN files externally then move them over. It is dying though and I opted for a Garmin nuvi 2595.

After getting beyond a map update I started playing with the Garmin custom POI system - and boy, how inferior that is compared to the Dell.

I posted a message at POIFactory which summaries my pain - Garmin support merely acknowledged what I found out.

The flaws? Garmin treats Custom POIs as "worst" class.
a) Using voice commands, save for "Saved" you can never search for a Custom POI.
b) There is a bug - they randomly appear at the front of your manual search (sometimes) but otherwise are culled at the very bottom (after you search though the stock POIs). ie they don't "cull" stock+custom and sort by closest.
c) To complicate things - two locations that have been in a place I was searching FOR YEARS aren't even in the Garmin list. So yeah, I am more or less forced to update with a custom list.
d) You are forced to really use their Custom POI category to find things. I am not going to say all hope is lost. You can 'manually' go to Custom POIs then "search all" and now all the Custom you loaded will be sorted based on closest to furthest. So essentially to save myself using TWO systems to check (first their stock; then the custom) I would probably need to clock a lot of hours loading it with a slew of POIs - every burger joint, gas station, rest stations etc etc. So far the BMP's don't appear on the GPS - yet something else to figure out. Worked fine on TomTom.

So then I am thinking maybe I should revisit getting an updated TomTom. But lo and behold that too is no utopia.

I read this post:

My problem is - my unit is OLDER than the post and yet they are still complaining about something I know of on the Dell. I don't think the "on route" worked well and many times the searching is horrible ...

Here was a problem I found -- if I search for a restaurant it will only show so many locations (and may not find a McD) but if I say "find me a McDonalds it would show all McD within a certain area and that area included the distance of others shown in the first list". One time we were driving along I-90 going WB and wanted to stop at IHOP. The only one it would show was that within Rochester 30m from I-90. After I got home, I determined there was one within minutes of I-90 (S of Rochester) and the device had it but I had to search for it differently.

Said another way - it happened enough and the reviews I have read seem to suggest continued issues.

Further I have been reading that the Itinerary system isn't available on some (many?) TomToms now. That was an amazing system. Garmin has TRIP which is similar - I haven't vetted it out - BaseCamp allows you to create "smoothing points" which simulate the VIA Waypoints on the TomTom.

Anyways my questions are:

1) If the TomTom has voice commands - can you search for POIs - and do those searches INCLUDE custom? Or is it similar to Garmin?
2) Have there been improvements with the searches - eliminating the POIs problems as per my comments and/or the other post "POI stupidity" - that things are radically better with newer models? Or do the same or similar limitations and issues exist?
Said another way "totally night and day to years ago" or "not much has improved"?

Thanks (sorry for the long winded tale)


  • The other thing too.

    On the Garmin, when you use voice command once you choose a place, you can "call" (via your phone bluetooth link). It is great.

    But again, you cannot find the custom POIs via voice, unless it is SAVED. But with saved, even if the custom csv had the phone - and shows it properly, you are not given an option to call.

    So the question is, if you load TomTom with Custom POIs that include a phone number, and are able to call up via voice, can you make a call to those POIs?
  • dhn 336 Points
    Voice control handles some custom poi names ok (we still have a gasoline brand here called 'Esso') and when I say 'Drive to nearest Esso', she understands the command and provides a lisst to select from.

    On the other hand, I have a custom poi category called 'hockey'. A total lost cause trying to get her to understand ....
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