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My Garmin Nuvi 760 keeps turning itself off

My Garmin Nuvi 760 keeps turning itself off, it will only stay on for about 30 seconds before it switches off.
I thought it may be a battery problem so I fitted a new battery but it made no difference.

Thanks for any suggestions on how to fix this problem.



  • HarleyMan 0 Points
    I had the same problem last week on my Nuvi 760 & the following statement came directly from Garmin International:

    To help clear out any potentially corrupt data, I would like for you to
    do a software update and a master reset on the device. To do the update,
    you will need our WebUpdater program. I have provided you with the link

    Once you do that, you will need to do a master reset on the device. Just
    follow these steps.

    1. Turn off your unit.

    2. Place your finger on the lower right hand corner of the screen.

    3. With your finger on the screen, I need you to power the unit back on.

    4. As it powers up, please keep your finger down on the screen.

    5. A pop up will appear that says, "Do you really want to erase all user

    6. Remove your finger from the screen and hit 'Yes'.

    I did this to my Nuvi 760 & it fixed the problem. Good luck w/ yours.
  • Scrubby 0 Points
    Many, many thanks HarleyMan, I did what you suggested and the Nuvi 760 is up and running better than ever.

    Thanks again,

  • willyboy 68 Points
    Nice to see you got it working again.

    However, those are poor instructions from Garmin. By doing the master reset you have lost all your favorites. They SHOULD HAVE included to backup your "current.gpx" file before doing the reset.
  • space252 0 Points
    I have a same problem I got 760LM for trucks, I did map update after the update it starts turning on & off it self, I try to reset it when erase came out before I say yes it shut it off, and I also try to connect to the computer to reinstall the software it wouldn't even Garmin express find it the device, help me out if anyone has a clue
  • alanb 419 Points
    edited March 2016
    This is a 4 year old thread about a nuvi 760 which is a completely different animal than your Dezl 760LM. It does however sound like the map update did not install correctly and you probably have some correupted files. That is a very difficult problem to solve, and I am not sure it is even possible on your model of Garmin. You can Google "preboot mode" and "Garmin cure3" to find more information about how to get a non-functioning Garmin into mass storage mode so you can remove corrupted file(s) and reflash the software. This process was developed for the older Garmin devices, so I don't know if it will work on the Dezl model.

    Have you tried calling Garmin customer support? If you do contact them, you will probably get better service if you call rather than email.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    edited March 2016
    Is it still under warranty? If so you should be able to get Garmin to either fix it remotely or send you a new one. Even if it isn't under warrany I would still call them, and have the gps connected to your computer when you call. They can remotely diagnose things and reinstall software.

    However, as @alanb said, this can be a problem when the computer won't even recognize the gps.
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