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I want a GPS to reliably navigate to a point on the map

GoThere 0 Points
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I have gone through many GPSs. The basic function I want is to be reliably able to touch a spot on the map (whether navigating currently or not), see an arrow appear, and click a GoTo button/icon. My Nuvis do that sometimes. Other times I touch a spot, and several alternative things can happen that I don't want:
It pops up a Wendys, for example, that covers the area of interest
It pops up a street address or name of street
It zooms away from where I touched because it was navigating and sees a turn coming up
It scrolls the screen when that was not what I wanted this time.

Yes, I could find an older unit that would come closer to what I asked for above. My old iQue did that for the most part but I want features associated with newer units:
I want the zoom/scroll speed of newer units
I want up-to-date roads on the map
I don't want the lockups of the iQue.
I like a larger screen.

Any suggestions for a new GPS? While less is better, $500 is not out of the question.


  • Boyd 2045 Points
    The Montana 600 comes to mind for what you describe, and it is just within your budget. You would have to purchase City Navigator and an auto mount in addition to the unit.

    But you get a big bright 4" screen and advanced functions that none of the nuvi's have. Downsides are that it's large and heavy, doesn't support traffic receivers and doesn't show Junction view.

    I have said before that only a geek would appreciate the Montana (I love mine). It is also the best handheld on the market. If you are frustrated with the Nuvi and want something much more configurable/customizable, it may be for you.
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