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GO 2535M - works straight out of the box?

maxxed 0 Points
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I live in Asia but plan to order a 2535M for a road trip in the US.

My question is: Does it work straight out of the box?

I plan to land and use it the same day so I wont have access to a connected desktop or laptop to do any immediate activation or updating. Ideally if it worked straight out of the box it could get us to the hotel and we could get it connected.

Any help would make the decision easier. I dont want to buy it only to find it is useless without getting activated :)


  • dhn 336 Points
    The M function, lifetime maps, only is for North American maps and you need to register the activation code by calling North American CS at 866-486-6866.

    Also, the map on the unit may not be the latest (890) so you would need to download MyTomTom, the necessary web app from

    Once installed, log in with an email address/pw to register the unit.

    So, yes, it should work out of the box. But there are updates that would be necessary to make it work efficiently.

    One caveat. This may be the deal-breaker. The existing application on the purchased unit may have a bug that causes it not to get a gps fix.

    A mandatory update fixes the issue. See here:

    So, if your unit is less than app 11.037, there may be problems.
  • maxxed 0 Points
    Thanks dhn for the reply.

    That clears it up for me. I wont be able to get to the hotel if the unit doesnt work!

    The plan was originally to order from Amazon and have it shipped to the rental agent. Would you suggest I buy it at a retailer (bestbuy?) to make sure it works?

    Do you think they would let me update it onsite? I dont know how I would find my way to the hotel without a working GPS.
  • dhn 336 Points
    I suspect you could start up the device, get a gps lock (unit needs to be in an open area and stationary), and Drive to and give it an address.

    BUT, please have a map with directions (Google maps or similar) with you, just in case.

    I would not trust buying a device and having it shipped to a rental agency and hope it's there when I show up ..... but that's me.
  • maxxed 0 Points
    Its a small company and I know the manager personally so I am ok with the trust aspect.

    Thanks for the tip though, I will do what you've suggested and make sure I get a lock before I leave the lot :) I'll keep backup maps in hand as well.

    Thanks again for your help on this.
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