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TomTom 740 Bad Reviews On Amazon

ejaggers 0 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
Hello All,
I'm new to the forum, and needs some advice before I buy. I've been looking at the TomTom Go Live 740, but many many amazon users gave it a low review, but many are old as 2009. They complained about customer service, rebooting, etc. I am a novice and would like to make a good choice so I would like to hear from more experienced users. I currently have a Garmin 265 that I've had no problem with.

o Have the 740's gotten better in 2012?
o Is CS still as bad now as the reviews say?
o Is this a product you'd recommend?


  • dhn 336 Points
    That model is no longer available new from TomTom. See here for current choices:

    All newer models are such that the user no longer has access to the file system on the device. And it has resulted in quite a learning curve from those coming from an earlier TT device.
  • ejaggers 0 Points
    There's a site selling these today only, for $85 new. I understand that these are discontinued, but I don't under the following:

    Quote: All newer models are such that the user no longer has access to the file system on the device.

    What does this mean? And is the unit trouble as people on Amazon are saying, or is it a good unit? SOme of the Amazon posts were old. So did TT work the bugs out?
  • dhn 336 Points
    That device appears as a removable drive on your computer. You can access all files and folders using Explorer or Finder, if a Mac.

    The newer models don't allow user access to the file system. They appear as network connections, not removable drives.

    All reviews for any product tend to have more negatives than positives. That said, no product, including gps units and including a TT 740 is perfect.

    Newer applications do improve some functionality. The latest app is 9.430 for the device. You need Home 2 as the computer application to interface between the unit and TomTom's servers.

    Get it at
  • ejaggers 0 Points
    I passed on it. I'm going with the Amazon reviews.
  • Viseguy 81 Points
    All newer models are such that the user no longer has access to the file system on the device.
    Meaning no ability to tweak pronunciations, create custom color schemes, and all that good stuff? What a drag!
  • dhn 336 Points
    Correct about the fixing translations BUT you can add custom colour schemes for maps, custom poi file categories, startup/shutdown images.
  • offthegrid 91 Points
    The 740 actually works well with the right software version, MVL has the info on that. The unit got flaky with the newer versions and of course new owners wouldn't know that and TomTom certainly wouldn't say that.
  • mvl 191 Points
    The 740 was bleeding edge tech for Tomtom and unfortunately had a never-ending string of problems:

    1) Launch software (app 8.312) was excellent in 2009, however the subscription server was terrible and it wasn't until 2010 that could finally get LIVE renewals properly working.

    2) Before 2010 hit, Tomtom launched a terrible software update, app 8.371, on the device. It caused repeated crashes and reboots with bluetooth usage, and never should have seen the light of day.

    3) Tomtom then followed it up with even worse problematic software in late 2010 (9.058), an app which fixed the bluetooth reboots, but created startup reboots and couldn't reliably connect to LIVE services.

    4) Then TT finally fixed most of their software problems in 2012, with a mostly stable app 9.430. But now a new problem began: AT&T is now disabling data on the 2002-era modem technology that Tomtom shipped with the 740, whenever too many higher-revenue iPhones clog their network. So even with fully stable hardware/software, the device can't connect to LIVE services during peak hours.

    So, unfortunately, the 740 was an amazing product that Tomtom could never get fully right. The final issue #4 applies to all Tomtom LIVE products, and I would advise against the purchase of any Tomtom LIVE models at this time. HD traffic is phenomenal, but the only place it works reliably is on an iPhone.
  • dhn 336 Points
    For US LIVE devices to be precise.

    Canadians with a 1535 LIVE access the Rogers network.
  • offthegrid 91 Points
    Great summary MVL. I didn't realize that all US Live products were having comm problems. They need to roll out something new soon anyway its been some time since a new connected model was released.

    The latest Garmin at the FCC has GPRS/GSM/HSPA+ on it although its apparently a fleet product.

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