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TN765 unresponsive, think my battery might be dead

Chuck14 30 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
I've been using my 765 for a couple of years now with no major issues. It started acting weird a couple of days ago, not turning on automatically when I turn the car on, randomly reset itself while driving around a couple of times. Last night it just turned off for no apparent reason and wouldn't come back on.

I thought maybe it was a problem with the car charger/cradle, so I brought it inside with me last night and plugged one of my phone chargers into the USB connector, left it sitting on my desk overnight. This morning I noticed that the power light (next to the sliding power button) is still yellow. I expected the battery would have charged overnight and the light would be green.

Tried turning it on and I get nothing. Tried with the USB plugged in and without. Tried unplugging and plugging the USB back in a couple of times, no change. I have noticed that if I look closely at the power light, it seems to be flickering. When I press the power button towards the side where it should turn on, it sometimes seems to turn orange or red. Once in a while the boot screen flashes on for just a fraction of a second and then the screen goes dark again.

I do have one of the custom skins on it fro this forum, but I put that on months ago so I don't think it's related. Haven't done any sort of software or map upgrade in ages, since I bought it, so I doubt it's a software issue of any kind. Doesn't look like it's even getting far enough to load anything anyway.

Anybody had similar behavior? Does this sound like a dead battery or a fried unit?



  • moondog151 41 Points`ve got a classic example of a bad battery. I`ve seen this problem several times with different units that I have worked on.
    Not a problem long as your unit IS out of warrantry (one year from date of purchase) then I have created a "tutorial" on how to replace, and repair your unit using a new battery.
    Hoping that either you, or someone you know with a little experiance in "tinkering" with gps units (physically, not software modifications) then it shouldn`t be a too big of a job for you.
    You did mention, that you are using one of the skins...that isn`t affecting or causing your problem at`s definately the battery.
    Just look thru the forum area here and you should see the link I posted when Camel had to replace his a few weeks ago. ok?
  • moondog151 41 Points
    @Chuck14 Here`s the link I created on how to replace the screen, follow the steps up to the point where I show how to remove the battery..this should give you a good idea of what you`ll have to do (physically) to get to it.....
    If you feel it`s something you, or someone you know, are able to do, let me know and I`ll send the url to the vendor who sells a replacent battery for around $25
  • Chuck14 30 Points
    Thanks moondog. I did see your other posts about batteries and the link to your instructions the Moto site. Doesn't look too bad, I just wanted to make sure this sounds like a battery issue before I go taking things apart.

    For the replacement battery, are you referring to the newpower99 site or somewhere else?

  • moondog151 41 Points
    You`re welcome Chuck. Actually, newpower 99 is the only place that I know handles them. They are the only battery vendor who would stock them when I approached them well over a year ago, to see if they had something that I could use in one of my Moto`s.
    After using and testing the battery I ordered from them, (and it worked perfectly) they then started to add them to thier inventory, thank goodness!
  • moondog151 41 Points
    @Chuck 14. Was curious.....have you decided to go ahead and replace your battery in your unit? Is that something you think you can safely do?
  • Chuck14 30 Points
    I actually just got around to working on it a couple of days ago. I was able to get the unit open, but broke some of the little plastic tabs on the inside edge of the back piece in the process. They sure didn't want you to get things open.

    Anyway, I got the new battery in fine once I got the case open. No problem with any of the flex cables. I've put it back together and it powers up and works fine, but the top edge of the case won't stay shut because of the broken tabs.

    I'm considering using a little crazy glue at the top corners to glue it shut. I know that means I might not ever be able to get it open again, but this new battery should be good for at least a couple of years. By the time it dies again, I'll probably be looking for an excuse to get rid of the unit, especially if we never get any more map updates for them...
  • moondog151 41 Points
    All in all, sounds like you did a good job, inserting the new battery. I know how nerve wracking it can be, when it`s the first time opening the Moto up, however, after the first time....if you attempt to open another one, you shouldn`t have any problems what so ever. that you know how to open the unit up, you now are well on your way to replace your screen if it`s ever necessary for you to do so.
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