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What I'm looking for in a GPS

scanman 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
What I'd like to have in a GPS:

5" display that does not drown out in the sun.
Lane assist.
Current speed and speed limit displayed by default on bottom of screen.
Voice commands.
Nice graphics that tell all you need to know at a glance.
Free Map & Traffic updates (WITHOUT ANNOYING ADS!)

What I have no interest in are:

Bluetooth, MPS, or anything else non-GPS.

My current and very old unit is a Lowrance Iway600c - great unit but of course no longer supported (for years) and the touch screen sometimes refuses to respond to touch - so its time for a new one. I sorta like the Nuvi 1490 LMT but the turn off is pop up ads - I just don't want to go there.

Am I dreaming or is the unit I want out there some place? Price is no object - as long as its under $250....

Thanks for your help,



  • roadster 96 Points
    ads thought only pop up on start. of route. 5 secs in , it's gone.

  • scanman 0 Points
    Thanks for your reply Roadster. I ended up with the 2555LMT and the high $ traffic cable so hopefully I won't have to experience the ads at any time. Great little device though - technology has come such a long way since my last GPS purchase 6 years ago.
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