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GPS for 20+ stops that can save addresses for later

drivedrive 0 Points
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I have a job where I make approx. 20 stops per day. I go to approx. 100 places total, and I'm wondering if there is a GPS that can save all of these places so I don't have to type in addresses constantly? I only visit some of these places once a month. Also, is there a GPS where I can save these places by name?

I currently use Streets and Trips because I need an optimize route feature, but I am shopping for a GPS... and I know nothing about them haha! It would be great to have lifetime maps, and traffic if possible. Thanks SO much for any advice. I'm overwhelmed with the choices and I'm trying to learn but right now I'm just in over my head!


  • Tim 1484 Points
    Virtually all of the GPS devices on the market today offer what is often called "favorites" which will allow you to save a large number of addresses by a custom name.
  • roadster 96 Points
    Travel to site, when stopped press on screen. Will say SAVE.

    then you go to WHERE TO, FAVORITES, and there will be a note bubble, click it, will ask for a number of options, Change name. DONE You may also snap a photo screen shot, I believe also add a actual phot to?

    1 If you name this ICE CREAM STOP, and you wantthestops in order, that is the issue of the gps, it has no order, but by Milage, closest first.

    In order to place them all at once at home will be kinda an issue,I do them as I am at the site, get it doneright away.

    hope hat helped a little
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