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hi i need help regarding gps connectivity with computer

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I want to do a project on disaster relief and info gathering .It basically involves gps technology.The people who are affected coz of disaster like flooding,earthquake etc.can simply type a help message and their location will be traced by gps and mapped on to their local map on other website. I wanted to know how to get the gps signals on to the website?????


  • Type a help message where? Their mobile phone?

    I can't speak for other countries, but in the US, any emergency service can read a phone's location information at any time. Whether that information is GPS-based or tower location is another story.

    The phone's user can set permissions by application on whether location information will be made available. Programatically, I have no clue how it works, but almost any social media site, and many others, use this. If you post on Facebook with your mobile device, the post can include where you are. When you "check in" from somewhere, the business you're checking in from is usually automatically discovered.

    Basically, reading that phone's location data is a web programming exercise. I'm not a programmer, just someone who installs a lot of apps already ready for use.
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