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New user of Nuvi2595lmt need help with maps

Hi. please can anyone tell me if there is enough room on my Nuvi2595lmt to install a North America map and still leave my pre installed Europe maps on it. I'm new to Garmin Sat Navs and just about o.k with computers so would me gratefull for any advise. Thanks


  • sussamb 764 Points
    Room isn't going to be an issue as you can always pop the maps onto a sd card. What you really need to decide is what format you want to choose.

    Is this a one off trip? If so you might want to consider buying the maps pre-installed on a SD card, that way when the trip is over you can sell the card and recoup some of the cost. From Garmins FAQs:

    Question : Should I purchase mapping for my GPS on a disc, pre-programmed datacard, or as downloadable content?

    Response :
    Mapping for Garmin GPS devices is sold in a variety of formats. It may be purchased on a disc, as a pre-programmed datacard, and some maps can be downloaded directly from the Garmin website. Please see below for the benefits of each format.

    DVD/CD: Maps purchased in this format will require a computer to use but they will allow you to plan trips on your computer and transfer waypoints, routes and tracks to your GPS device1. The installation process will install the mapping and the MapSource or BaseCamp application to your computer. MapSource or BaseCamp can then be used to send maps to either your device or a blank datacard since most devices will not hold all of the data on the device. Please note that most mapping products in this format are unlocked to a single device and they are non-transferable. City Navigator maps in this format can be updated by purchasing a map update, when available.

    Pre-programmed datacards: Pre-programmed datacards are immediately ready to use out of the box. Simply unpack the card and insert it into your compatible GPS device. These maps do not need to be unlocked to your device which allows you to move the card to multiple units if desired, however, you will not directly have access to the mapping on your computer2. City Navigator maps in this format are not eligible for map updates and mapping from the card cannot be copied. If you wish to obtain updated content, a new card will need to be purchased.

    Downloadable Content: Maps purchased in this format can be downloaded directly from the Garmin website. This is the quickest method of getting mapping for your next trip. Downloaded maps can be sent to either your GPS unit or a blank datacard since most devices will not hold all of the data on the device. All maps in this format are unlocked to a specific device and they can only be used on the device that they were unlocked to. Similar to the pre-programmed datacards, this mapping is not immediately available on your computer for use in planning routes2. City Navigator maps in this format are not eligible for map updates. If you wish to obtain updated content, a new download will need to be purchased.

    Note: Before selecting your purchase option, be sure to review the requirements tab and products tab on the individual mapping product page to ensure your device and/or computer will work with the selected format.

    1Not all devices are compatible with routing.

    2Garmin's free BaseCamp application can be used to view mapping detail from compatible pre-programmed datacards or downloadable content on your computer. To find out if the map is compatible with BaseCamp, check the requirements by clicking the Requirements tab for the specific map product

    You can also look here:
  • Ann 0 Points
    Thank you Sussamb for your reply it was very helpfull. I will think carefully before choosing a format option.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Just to complicate your choice further, and it really does depend on how you intend to use your map, it may also be worth looking at the various free maps available:
  • Ann 0 Points
    We always take a road trip to the states every year. In the past I have always printed 'google' maps but thought it would be easier with a sat nav. So the maps would be used again. I'm a bit worried tranfering from computer to sd card. Read other posts seems complicated.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    It's really not that difficult :wink:

    However given that you take a trip there every year you might also want to consider buying a satnav in the US that comes with lifetime map updates. For the price of buying the maps here in the UK to add to your 2595 you could get a basic GPS (sat nav).
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Do you need maps of Canada and Alaska, or just the continental US? The cheapest option would be to purchase the "lower 49" map of the US which is only $60 USD:

    You can download this map, and it really is very straightforward with none of the issues that people mention with the lifetime maps (those use a different process). The map can be used on your computer with Basecamp if needed.
  • plarkinjr 0 Points
    And to complicate further:
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