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Does anyone make an Android OS, In Dash Navigation Unit?

guiri 0 Points
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Preferably any of the big makers?

I would like something I can customize the way I like it and I'm particularly interested in a good GPS UI. Something clean and with lots of options like the Pioneers (some units) 5 route option.

THanks and links would be appreciated



  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Clarion has one (Mirage) coming to a Best Buy near you sometime in the next 4 months or so. I've seen a couple others mentioned in the past few months but I don't recall them coming from what you'd consider a "name".

    There's several that interface with your Android (or iOS) phone, and some more recent double-din units allow apps to run on a 6-7" display. I assume those apps could include navigation specific ones. Here's one as reference:
  • guiri 0 Points
    Thanks. I really don't much need to interface with the phone other than for hands free and phone book purposes. The reason I was looking for android was for the clean look and to be able to mod or pimp it to get it the way I want it. THe pioneer has some modified firmware but the guys writing them have some horrible design ideas and some horrible font choices and also, since the unit I have is pretty old, they dont' update them any longer AND, you can't find the firmware to download it.

    I had a guy update my unit but the firmware he could find looks horrible and I can't stand it so I was hoping something would come out in the next year or so with good android support so that I can finally get what I want. I liked my Kenwood unit but there were a few things it lacked and the graphics were very simple and crummy looking. Too bad I'm not a programmer or I would pimp my own stuff :)

    The problem for me is that I see all these units that offer all kinds of stuff, including the kitchen sink but I don't need that. I really only need a few main features but they need to be implemented the way I like'em. However, seems that this won't happen. I wish there was something that allowed you to modify your own UI somehow. Kinda like making a database with Lotus Approach in the old days. Drag and drop buttons and functions....
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