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gps with choice of routes?

yardkay 0 Points
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I origianlly had an older model Garmin GPS. After it was stolen, I have been in the market for a new GPS and although I liked my Garmin I didn't like that if I was stuck in Traffic, there was no way to search for an alternate route. I tried the Cobra Navone which had that ability and it was nice, I could even eliminate certain roads included in the route but didn't like other thngs about it, espeially it's large size. Does anyone know which other GPS navigators have the capability to give you more than one route to choose, especially if you are in traffic an your destination time changes?


  • Tim 1482 Points
    Almost all of the newer devices have the ability to travel "via" another point. Most will also have the ability to "avoid" a certain stretch of road that you ask it to stay clear from. The TomTom devices have a feature where you can ask it to give you a route completely different from the one that was provided.

    But really.... why not just get a GPS which has traffic capabilities that will automatically steer you away from traffic?
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