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Help needed for 2595LMT Voice Command

Hi. I purchased a Garmn 2595lmt in the USA. Back in NZ I have loaded the local maps but the VOice Command doesn't wor with Find Address and other options. It says that it is not available for hese maps in British English. Can anyone help?


  • willyboy 68 Points
    I'm not clear on what you saying about "Back in NZ I have loaded the local maps".
    I'm assuming your purchase of the 2595LMT in the USA came with the Full North America Maps. Any future free map updates will include the map that came with the unit.

    What are the local maps you loaded?
    Is it City Navigator Australia & New Zealand?
  • Yes, the US maps are preloaded and I loaded the CN Australia and NZ maps but got the message as indicated. Voice Command works but certain functions like Find Address, etc don't. Is it an ASR file problem? Thanks
  • willyboy 68 Points
    The ASR file is for the Voice Command.
    You should have two ASR files in your .Sytem\ASR folder, one for the USA map you have, the other for the Australia\New Zealand Map.
    The ASR files must correspond with the map version you are using.
    You can have more than one ASR file in the ASR folder, but they must match the corresponding maps loaded.

    I do believe there is also a .SRX file that accompaies the ARS file, but I don't know what its function is, maybe somebody else can provide more information on that file.

    Please check your .sytem\ASR folder and see if there are in fact two ASR files. My 2460LMT (USA) with 2013.10 North America and Mexico map has an ASR file named "045GMF41.ASR", and a SRX file named "045GMF40.SRX".

    As a side note, as far as I know, you can't have ASR files on an SD card, the nuvi won't recognize them.
  • i have a garmin 2595 and i do not see anywhere the option of voice command. I connect the gps to pc and have not asr. file....Can be this the reason??? anyone can help me plis.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Voice command is only available for certain languages - see this FAQ from Garmin support:{09f23c50-d7a5-11df-c826-000000000000}
    Voice-activated navigation is a feature on some Garmin devices that allows you to use the device by speaking voice commands. A list of compatible devices can be found at the bottom of this article.

    Please note the text and voice language settings on the device must be the same as the language you'll be using with voice command. The selected voice language must also be one that supports text-to-speech.

    The full list of languages which are compatible with speech recognition on compatible devices is as follows:

    American English
    British English
    Australian English
    Canadian French
    European French
    American Spanish
    European Spanish
    Mandarin Chinese
    This might also help:{1df288e0-19f9-11e0-d39a-000000000000}
    First, verify your device's voice and text languages are both set to a compatible Text-To-Speech language for speech recognition. If this doesn't restore functionality, try restoring the speech recognition file.

    To restore the speech recognition file:

    Follow the steps listed in the article linked here to download, install and run the WebUpdater
    Click Next to check for additional updates when prompted
    Place a check mark next to "Speech Recognition Data" for the language of choice (e.g., American English, British English, etc...)
    Click Next
    Agree to the terms and click Next
    Click Finish when the download is complete
    Safely eject your device then unplug it from the computer
    You will now be able to successfully use the voice command feature on your nuvi.

    If you do not have the option to update "Speech Recognition Data" for your language, or if installing this file does not resolve the problem, you may have loaded only a region of mapping to your device during a map update. Please run the map update again and choose full coverage for your continent. For example, if your device was preloaded with Europe, you'll need to install Full Coverage of Europe.
  • popej 57 Points
    ASR files are for voice search and this is the reason why they are updated with the map.

    Files for voice command are updated by WebUpdater, the same way as main firmware. Voice command files have extension SRD. Voice command should work without map.

    For working voice search you have to have supported voice command and map which support search in the same language. This could varies on single map, depending on country where you are currently. I'm not sure if you can search in American English when you drive in UK ;)
  • guys my problem..... i can´t see in menu apps the icon of Command voice and don´t have files SRD. i think my gps its incomplete. i have used webupdate and nothing.
  • popej 57 Points
    Is BlueTooth on your nuvi still working?
  • BlueTooth it´s perfect
  • can someone show me a list or send me the files who have a garmin gps 2595 don´t have the files for command voice that is the reason why it does not work.. i have use webupdater and reset and nothing..please at least i want to see the list files full.
  • t923347 413 Points
    The files your looking for are in the ASR folder on the Nuvi. That folder is inside the .system folder which, by default, is hidden. Unless you have gone into Windows Folder View Options and made the required changes to allow Windows to display all hidden system files, you will not see the ASR folder and therefore not see any voice files in that folder.
  • i actived for see hidden system files, and don´t have the ASR folder.
  • WAASup 86 Points
    Have you changed your 2595 from MTP mode (the default) to Mass Storage mode? If not, you cannot see the .System folder (which contains the ASR subfolder).

    See Boyd's post in this thread:
  • Thank you SO MUCH!! i can see the .System folder and i have this subfolders inside...... but ASR still missing.

  • someone with the 2595 ltm can send me the .system folder??? plis
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