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Nuvi 1300 LM - SD Card - Where does it go?

I should begin by asking where I can find out if my 1300 LM can use an SD card and if so, where does it go on the unit? I don't see an obvious slot. Please advise. Thanks.

BTW...I am only interested in the SD card because when I installed the latest map update I was "told" there was insufficient space for the update. I am naturally a little miffed by this news...wondering what good having lifetime updates does if you can't update the unit???


  • sussamb 764 Points
    There's a slot for a micro sd card on the side of your nuvi, on yours I think it's top left as you look at the unit. Map detail increases substantially over time so the internal memory isn't enough if you want to download a full NA mapset.

    Hope that helps :)

    You might want to have a look at the sticky that describes How to make more space for a map update to see if that frees up enough space first.
  • Aviator327 91 Points
    I would recommend getting a 4gb (or higher) micro sd card for your unit. The card must be formatted with FAT32 in order for the Nuvi to see it.
    The manual says to insert the card into the SD slot but it doesn't tell you which way the card goes in. With the screen of the Nuvi facing you insert the card with the brass contacts on the card facing you also and insert the card into the slot until it clicks. :wink:
  • Valerie 0 Points
    Thank you both for your response and advice.

    Aviator327, I do see the SD card slot and will pick one up will be a 4GB on your advice.

    Sussamb, I can't thank you enough for providing the link to Lilla's tutorials. With the help of the one on deleting unnecessary files I was able to safely make enough space available for the map update!

    Thank you all so much!
  • jstarks 0 Points
    I got my sd card in the mail today and inserted it. Yeah, a first timer so trial and error. No change, same message about not enough memory. do I format the card?
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Never update my maps so not sure of the exact process but I understand Garmin's installers are now beginning to recognise sd cards and allow map downloads to them.

    How are you trying to download the map?

    As for checking the card just plug your nuvi into your PC. Is the card recognised by windows explorer? If not then maybe it's not seated properly. It needs to be pushed in until it 'clicks' in place and will then be slightly recessed into the slot. If it's recognised right click the drive and select properties to see if it's formatted as FAT32.
  • jstarks 0 Points
    Thanks for the help. PC does see the card, says it is formatted FAT 32. I tried first updating software using WebUpdater and then I tried with Garmin Lifetime Updater and got same result....."you need to free up some space."
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Strange ... you shouldn't get that error when updating software?

    You might want to look at our sticky that explains how to make more space for a map update

    and then have a look at the tutorials here about updating maps:
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