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GPS that has stored routes for multiple addresses

Roofus 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Sorry if the question has been asked before, looked around and couldn't find a specific answer to my query.

I service pools during the week and have to make 3-8 stops each day. I'm looking for a GPS that will allow me to store all my stops for each day as a stored route and would provide the most timely efficient route for all my stops for that day.

So for example, if I had 5 stops on a Monday, I would like to have all those addresses stored as a route. And I could select my route for that day, and the device would guide me to each of those 5 stops in the timeliest manner. Then on the next day, I could recall the next stored route with all of those addresses routed in the same manner, so on and so forth.

Any recommendations for devices that would cover these needs?



  • alanb 557 Points
    In the Garmin nuvi lineup, any model that shows some number other than 0 for "routes" in the spec's will have the capability you are looking for. In the newer models, these would include those in the 23xx, 24xx, 25xx, 34xx, 35xx and 37xx model groups. In the older models, you could look for a 1450 or 1490.

    So it depends on how much you want to spend and what other features you might be looking for. Right now you can pick up a refurbished 3790LMT for $160 to $180.
  • Roofus 0 Points
    I picked up a 2595LMT last night before I saw your post. I'll try it out for a bit. I can always take it back to the brick and mortal I got it from.

    I believe the only differences I'm seeing are that the 2595 is a 5" screen but does not have the FM traffic that the 3790 has. The 2595 has traffic, but I'm guessing FM traffic is coming through a local radio frequency and is more accurate?

    Getting used to BaseCamp is a bit of a chore. The directions are not super thorough. But I'll pick it up in time. I am having a problem getting my first test route on the device though.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    I believe the traffic receiver service on the 3790 will be the same as the 2595, but Garmin changed the name when the 2012 models were introduced. They both work piggybacking on very low bandwith FM broadcast radio. The 2012 prestige models (3490, 3590, etc) use the newer HD radio based traffic. Don't try to make any sense of Garmin's model numbers. The 3790 is almost two years older than the 3490 and 3590.

    But the screens on all of these devices are very pretty - glass multi-touch capacitive high resolution, unlike the low resolution resistive screen on the 2595. These models also feature realistic 3d terrain and buildings.
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