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Undocumented symbol on screen of 3590LMT

On a trip yesterday, a symbol appeared while I was driving. It appeared - not "on" the map - but at the left edge of the screen.
And my user's guide has no mention of it.

It was "parking" symbol (I assume), but unlike the symbol which actually represents a parking location (garage, etc.).
It was a white square, and within it was a red circle and within that was a "P".

I don't know what it represents.
It did, however, appear while there were parking locations shown on the map, and - I believe - disappeared when those icons disappeared.
It happened, not in a city, but deep in the countryside; there were, in fact, a couple of parking locations there.

Anyone know what it represents?


  • sussamb 814 Points
    Probably parking then :?:
  • SergZak 340 Points
    Guidance 3.0 on the 2012 nuvis will display that symbol that if your final destination is near a parking lot/structure. If selected, it will then guide you to the parking lot/structure (supposedly). I've seen it a few times on our weekly trips to Disneyland but I always ignore it since I think I know where to park by now. :D
  • Ramaprem 112 Points


    I don't think that that is the (complete) explanation, but I'll take it until something better comes along :!: :wink:

    1. It disappears somewhere along the route. I would think that it would give me time to "activate" it; it really doesn't.
    2. Unless I have simply missed it, it hasn't occurred before - while driving to a place where there is parking nearby. I was driving home, as I have done before. Yes, there are parking locations "near" where I live. But the symbol disappears long before I arrive in my city and could use it to guide me to one.

    So methinks that there is something more here.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    After a trip taken today, I can confirm that this symbol is a button-link to nearby public parking. Hit it, and nearby parking possibilities are listed; directions to them are immediately available.

    The thing is, however, is that it is inconsistent.
    On my outward journey, the symbol appeared; on my trip home, it did not appear at each place in advance of approaching parking that it did earlier.
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