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Sat Nav needed in UK to get me to Slovakia

UkLady 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Hi guys .... I would be grateful for any help available here. I am soon making the journey from the UK ( my home country ) to slovakia ( eastern europe ) . I am so lost what to buy and where from . I have two issues . My first being - I don't know which models are up to date enough to cover eastern europe, I have seen many which seem to only cover the West . My second issue would be that I am driving through France, so I need something where I can delete the speed detector function for France .

Any link to what I should purchase and how I should get round the France issue would be really appreciated . I have read about the options to delete the speed camera file for france altogether , or to download a function which would change the speep camera detection to 'danger zones' ... However I am just reciting what I have been researching and I have no idea which model would be capable of this !

Maybe If I can't find the help I require here, someone coudl give me a heads up of a specialist in the UK I could physically go and speak with about this ? I really do need to rely on this machine for over 2000 miles and time is running out !

Thanks in advance !

UKlady .


  • dhn 336 Points
    Well, for TomTom, you might consider this:

    The Garmin experts will no doubt give their suggestions. Check back.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    With Garmin, for starters you can browse the map for yourself and see what you think of the Eastern Europe coverage:

    If it looks good, then there would be many different devices to choose from. All the new Garmin models are setup to comply with the French speed camera laws.
  • UkLady 0 Points
    Thanks for the pointers guys .

    Is the tomtom the same as Garmin , in that the newer models will comply with the French regulations ?

    As for the Garmin , do I have to do anything to make it compliant with the French regulations ? Or will it arrive that way ? Secondly , do I have to install those maps I see -- for example in Eastern Europe, or do they come pre loaded so to speak . You wil have to excuse my ignorance . If the answers to both those questions are yes , is there a link I could purchase a machine with the maps on , and one which is of course France compliant.

    Thanks very much - People have been advising me to just hide my sat nav for driving through France , telling me I won't be in France for longer than a couple of hours . BIt of a loop hole, because if I have my sat nav hidden , I will be in France MUCH longer than a couple of hours ;-)
  • dhn 336 Points
    For the TomTom, you download Safety Camera files and when the gps detects you are in France, the warnings get changed to 'danger zones'. At least, that is my understanding.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    Here in the US the Garmin devices are shipped with a trial subscription to the safety camera but you would have to purchase continuing coverage. I think the situation is more complex in the EU, so somebody else can probably explain.

    You would not need do anything to be compliant with French law however. Garmin has changed their software so it alerts you of "dangerous zones" instead of cameras.

    You can buy directly from Garmin, but you will do better to find a local electronics store because they will offer discounts on the list price. But this is Garmin's site where you can look at different models and compare specs:

    The 2495 is one of the advanced models with lots of features:

    Note the "versions" Tab on that page. You would want the European version, model # 010-01001-05

    For a cheaper model with no traffic receiver, you could get the Nuvi 40:

    However, under the Versions tab, note that it will not include the full EU map. You would need to add that separately.

    You could also look at the 2455 for a less expensive model with no traffic feature. It does have a version with full EU mapping included however:
  • sussamb 829 Points
    All Garmin GPS now sold in the UK should conform to the new French law regarding cameras, even if not provided you update the software once you've bought it it will do.

    Your cheapest option would be to buy a Garmin with pre-installed maps for the EU. You can have a look at Garmin GPS in places like Halfords, but you'll find better deals on line :wink:
  • UkLady 0 Points
    What is traffic receiver ? And what would be the advantages of buying a more modern version of the Garmin ? How would I know if it's already prepared for France or not ? Would it come with that information ? ( horror stories have got me paranoid about driving through France with their new regulations ! )

    I am having a look on Amazon, I think I will purchase one on there , a Garmin . Just contemplating which version to buy now . :)
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Traffic receiver allows you to get traffic alerts on your nuvi.

    It'll be ready for France assuming you update the software when you get it, unless it's already up to date in which case you'll be fine.
  • UkLady 0 Points
    Thanks for the input . (link removed by moderator)

    I am thinking about buying this here , but the reviews don't look good :( You think that's just bad luck ? I guess there'll be bad reviews for anything really ! Or think I would be better with a different Garmin ?

  • sussamb 829 Points
    I wouldn't worry too much about the reviews, on average it gets 5 stars and generally it's the people who want to moan that take the time to post a review :wink:

    It'll do what you've said you want it to do :)

    Not sure though whether you want the bluetooth option, which enables you to pair your mobile and use the satnav as a 'handsfree' kit. If that's not important to you you could possibly save some cash by choosing one without bluetooth.
  • UkLady 0 Points
    Oh yeah !!! Thanks for the heads up , I definitely don't need that function ! Thanks for pointing that out ... I'm now searching something similar on amazon without that blue tooth function . Hard to search for 'without' a certain function though :evil: so I'm just having a look through specs . If you know anything off the top of your head, or have a link to one I can purchase from amazon it would be splendid ! But either way , thanks very much for the advice, you may have just saved me some cash :)
  • UkLady 0 Points
    (link removed by moderator)

    This one seems a good bit cheaper - but this has blue tooth also , is this a much older model, is that why the big price difference ? ARGHH Too many to choose from , and I don't know what I'm doing .
  • sussamb 829 Points
    It is an older model, but a good one never-the-less. Here's one that is newer and under £100:

    (link removed by moderator)
  • UkLady 0 Points
    Thanks very much :)

    It says Western Europe though ...

    Does that mean it's limited to Western Europe, as I'm off to Slovakia in the East :(
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    Please guys, don't post links to products on vendor websites, it's against our policy (links to manufacturer sites, like Garmin, are OK). Vendors pay money to put links on our site. :)
  • UkLady 0 Points
    Sorry !!!! My bad ! I started off the naughty trend :twisted: Apologies !
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Oops, sorry Boyd, got carried away :twisted:

    @UKlady ... did it just say Western Europe? If so then it won't cover exactly what you want but you'll get the idea, there are quite a few deals out there and TBH for what you want as long as you have the correct maps you'll be OK.

    Good luck on your trip :)
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