Turn on 2555LMT, instructed to double tap to unlock
  • Bbaker37
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    As noted above when I turn on my unit I get a green screen with an unlocked padlock in the center. When I tap it a popup says "double-tap to unlock."

    Is this is a security feature? I don't find anything in the manual about it.

    It works erratically, taking several repeats of the double tap to start the unit.

    As presently configured it seems to be useless.

  • Boyd
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    I think all of the newer advanced models act like that. It's not a security feature, it's to prevent you from accidentally activating menus if you carry it in your pocket. My iPhone does the same thing.

    IIRC, it will only happen if you were running on battery power and manually put the device to sleep and then woke it with the power button. If you just let it power off automatically when your car shuts off, it should start back up without giving your the lock screen as soon as the external power comes on.

    Or, at any rate, that's the way my 3790 behaves. I also believe that the lock screen never appears if the device is in its cradle.
  • t923347
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    Bbaker37 said:

    As noted above when I turn on my unit I get a green screen with an unlocked padlock in the center.

    If your getting this screen you haven't fully shut the Nuvi off, you've only put it in stand by mode. As Boyd noted, this normally only happens if you aren't connected to a power source and manually put the Nuvi to sleep. That happens when you make a quick press of the power button and immediately release it.

    If you really want to turn the Nuvi off and not see this double tap screen when you turn it back on, you need to press and hold the power button until (at least on my 3790) you see a screen that says "Turn Off the Device". When you press OK to that screen, the Nuvi will fully shutdown. When you turn the unit back on by pressing and holding the power button for a couple of seconds, you will not see the "double tap" screen and it will go directly to the Where To main screen, after it fully boots up.

    Also, I've found that when you do get the "double tap screen" when the unit comes out of sleep mode, don't immediately try to perform the double tap. Wait a couple of seconds and the double tap seems to work a lot better.
  • Bbaker37
    Posts: 22
    I appreciate your helpful clarifications about the double-tap problem. I actually got to get out on the road with the uniot yesterday and it came right up when I plugged it into the car power.

    Subsequently, I played around with actually turning it off as described.

    I understand it all now.javascript:emoticon(':D')

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