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Which GPS

harleyl 0 Points
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I will be in Tuscany italy for a week and would like to purchase a GPS for this trip. I have been looking at the Garmin 2555 LM sold by Costco and also the Tom Tom 910 EU. I know the Tom Tom comes with maps of Europe including Italy whereas with the Garmin I would have to purchase the Italy maps. I would like to get a GPS that I can use when I am back in the US. The advantage with the Garmin is it is a newer unit and comes with life time map upgrades. I would like to pay no more than $185 to $200. Any suggestion.


  • Boyd 2002 Points
    The full Garmin EU map cost $100. If you can make do with one of the regional maps, it will be cheaper. And when you register the GPS they will send you a 10% discount code as well. Here are the available maps:

    There are also a couple Nuvi's that come pre-loaded with both US and EU:

    Are you looking at the TomTom GO 910? I had one of those a number of years ago. It's a pretty old model but was very nice for its day. It won't have some of the features of the newer units, such as lane assist or junction view.

    If you are ok with older devices, Garmin made some discontinued models that included both the US and EU also. Any model where the second to last digit is a 7 will have both maps - for example, 1370, 775, etc.
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