Garmin nuvi 1450 - SD card questions
  • JoeNBR
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    I have a Garmin nuvi 1450 that I recently purchased with Lifetime Map Updater. When I first attempted to load maps, I was informed that the memory was insufficient and I had to exclude some of the available maps. I purchased a 4 GB SD card for the device, plugged it in and need some additional instructions:
    1) How do I get the 1450 to recognize that the SD card has been installed. I have confirmed that the card is formatted FAT32 and plugged it into the device.
    2) How do I find and install the maps that I excluded the first time - basically reset to new and start over.
    3) When I attempt to install updated maps, I get the message that memory is insufficient, I see the option to install a SD card (SD card is already in there) but the radio button to select that option is grayed out so I do not know how to accept the SD card option.

    I need simple step by step instructions to get the device to work as advertised. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  • alanb
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    See this thread in our "Sticky" section: 1490T Tutorial on deleting unnecessary files to make room. The first post has a link by forum member Lilla that will take you to some detailed tutorials for the 14xx series nuvi's.
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