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Lifetime Map Updater: prefs and how it works

This app - which I read does not work for everyone - works for me.

I had the prefs set to "Install to my Mac", assuming that the new map (2013.20) would be downloaded to it, and then transferred to my device after connecting the device. This it did.

But now I have two folders - with identical names - which contain several GB each:
<City Navigator Europe (Unicode) NT 2013.21.gmap>

1. Library>Application Support>Garmin>Maps is the location of one. There are other files in this folder.
2. Library>Caches>com.garmin.LifetimeMapUpdate>006-D2755-08>IMG is the location of the other. There are other files here, too.

Question 1:
I don't want/need these/this map on my computer. Can I trash these multi-GB folders? If yes, what else can be trashed?
Question 2:
If I set the Lifetime Map Updater prefs to "install to my device", will I be notified that an update is available, and that I need to connect my device before the download will even begin. And will that leave no map on my Mac? (Garmin-to-my-device without it being installed on the computer?)
(Small) Question 3:
The map is clearly named 2013.21 - but the app shows it as 2013.20. Important?

Unrelated question:
Can I trash voices, help files, even keyboards for languages that I don't need?
If so, will this speed up boot-time?

Thanks - from someone fairly new to Garmin.


  • t923347 432 Points
    Having the map files on your MAC will allow you to use them in Mapsource or Basecamp if you wish. You could still use Basecamp without those files but you'd need to have your Nuvi attached to the computer for that to work.

    The Lifetime Updater program is suppose to notify you of an available update but it's been problematic and most people rely on forum posts to let them know an update is available. Using the Updater program you'll need to have your Nuvi attached to MAC and by default it will only update the maps on the GPS, it will not place a copy on your computer. You need to manually select the option to install on the device and computer. or install to computer only, for the files to get placed on the MAC.

    The map files were recompiled prior to release so version 2013.20 became 2013.21. Either version is the same, it just looks like Garmin didn't correct all the locations where 2013.20 appeared.

    You can certainly remove any unneeded voice, help, keyboard, EULA and languages files from your Nuvi, although we recommend moving them to a safe location on your computer just in case. On the other hand your Nuvi has plenty of room to store these files and I don't think you'll ever notice any change in either boot time or performance if you just leave them alone.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points

    And I guess that the answer to question 2 is "yes"? I get the map downloaded "directly" to the device - and leaving no map on the computer?

    The thing that I don't quite get is this:
    I had "install to Mac" selected, but as soon as the download was completed to the computer, I was told to connect the device - so that the map could be installed.

    So what does "install to both" - which was not selected - mean?
    It seems redundant. Am I missing something?
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Having the map files on your MAC will allow you to use them in Mapsource or Basecamp if you wish.
    No Mapsource on the Mac. :D

    I don't have lifetime maps so I can't help there. But do you want to use the map in Basecamp on your Mac? If not, then you can delete the files. If so, I would leave them there unless you are low on disk space. It will be more convenient not having to connect your Nuvi everytime you want to take a quick look at the maps.

    What nuvi do you have and how much free space does it show? Unless you are running out of room, I agree it's best not to delete anything. It will not boot or operate any faster if you remove those files.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I don't need the maps on my computer, so - even though my HD can handle them - I will remove them.
    I don't use my device like - it seems - many of you do. So the companion software/features (Basecamp, geocaching, etc.) is of no great interest to me.

    "It will be more convenient not having to connect your Nuvi everytime you want to take a quick look at the maps."
    I can't imagine why I would want to look at the Garmin maps on my computer (perhaps this is useful to Basecamp users only?), but purely out of interest, however, how would I view my map installed on the computer. It's still there; I haven't removed it yet!
    Is that where Basecamp comes in? Or Mapsource?

    I will leave the files (voices, etc.) on the device, then. There is certainly plenty of free space.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Yes, on the Mac you would need Basecamp to use the maps on your computer. Mapsource is a windows-only program that Garmin has discontinued.
  • t923347 432 Points
    Yes, if you have Basecamp on your computer and a copy of the map files are also there, starting up Basecamp will allow you to use the maps on your computer in the Basecamp software.

    There are probably a number of reasons to use Basecamp but it's your choice. One thing that you could find useful is that you can work with the map in Basecamp and create a number of favorites there and put them in catagories if you like and then send them to your Nuvi. You may find this an advantage over creating the favorites on the GPS. Whether you use the software or not is of course your decision.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I'll probably explore Basecamp; it sounds interesting.
    Thank you (all) for your replies and advice.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    You could start by watching Garmin's training videos here:
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    Will do.
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