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Not enough space for the map reinstallation on Garmin 40LM

I just got a Garmin 40LM yesterday and used the Lifetime Map Updater to update the map. It popped a message saying "Not enough memory space. Please insert a SD card larger than 0.1G".

So I inserted a 512MB SD card and managed to install the latest version 2013.20 of All North American Map (US and Canada).

After the installation, the internal memory space had only 88M left and the microSD card had only 180M left.

Then I used the Lifetime Map Updater to reinstall the map (just for testing purpose). It popped a message again saying not enough space and none of the map in the list was available to install.

My questions are:
1. Why couldn't I reinstall the map?
2. Won't the installation overwrite the old map file automatically?



  • fmouse 0 Points

    First post on this forum but I had a similar problem with my new Garmin 3490 LMT model.

    The map download, the updated checked and prepared the maps, when I went to install it on the Garmin it said there was not enough space and to insert a card with at least 2.2GB of space.

    Now the 3490 has 8GB of internal memory - so my initial thought was "how big is this latest map".

    Now despite having system/hidden files enabled I couldn't see the .system folder. I searched on this forum and it appears the USB connection has a number off different modes - mine was set to MTP. I changed this to Mass Storage and reconnected the unit. I could then see the .system folder (which had 5.9GB of data in it). I tried the map updater again it was able to update the maps - as it could see and therefore overwrite the old map data.

    It might work for you.

    The map update via the garmin web site worked fine when the unit was in MTP mode. So it must be a bug with the lifetime updater program

  • willyboy 68 Points
    The Nuvi 40LM does not have MTP mode so that's not the problem.

    Striaght from Garmin:
    The following devices use MTP mode:
    ◦nuvi 2405 series
    ◦nuvi 2505 series
    ◦nuvi 3400 series
    ◦nuvi 3500 series
    ◦zumo 350

    Give this a try.
    First delete whatever you have on the SD card or do a quick format in Fat32 on the SD card. If the card is inserted in the Nuvi be CAREFUL not to format the Nuvi or delete any files from it.

    Before updating the map, make sure the SD card is inserted in the Nuvi.

    I would NOT recommend using Lifetime Map Updater to download updates, that program does have issues. Instead log into your account at Garmin, then under "My Maps", click on manage maps, Under your Nuvi 40LM map, click download.

    To answer your question, the new update should remove the old version of the map on your Nuvi and replace with the newer one.

    I would also suggest, in the future, replace that 512MB card with a 4GB Sandisk Card, they are cheaply priced these days. I own two 8GB Sandisk cards for my units
  • t923347 413 Points
    A question I have always had is when the Lifetime Updater discovers that there isn't enough room on the device and asks for an SD card, does it then install part of the update on the Nuvi and the remainder on the card?

    It would seem a lot easier to just install all of the map in one place but putting a 512MB card in a Nuvi isn't big enough to hold the full update so I'm now guessing that it must be smart enough to divide the update up between the 2 available storage areas.

    Does anyone know one way or the other :?:
  • I found that I could install the USA map by removing the help files in different languages. Also the other crap like pictures of Garmin office buildings...
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