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Rant - poor performance of ALL Satnavs

MikeLip 0 Points
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I don't mean they don't all get you from point A to point B more or less every time. They do. I don't mean they aren't reliable. With the exception of hideously crashy Magellan 4350 and 4370 devices, they are. But using them SUCKS. Couple the extremely poor sensitivity of the touch screen with the glacial response to your touch and the insanely slow lookup process for your entry and you have a recipe for pain. Any smartphone user interface is a hundred times more responsive than the most expensive dedicated satnav. I know that processing speed costs money, but I'm talking $500 units here. Tomtom, Magellan, Garmin - get with it, guys. Cut the fat out, quit adding useless features and make them perform.

While we're at it, what is the problem with sat locks? None of my awesome new Garmins or Magellans are as fast to acquire as is my ancient Magellan 4040. I've seem my Garmin 3750 sit and say "I dunno" for 5 miles. So I have to either sit in my drive and wait for a lock, or have some idea where I'm going to start off. That's a problem for the smartphone too, but it seems worse on the satnav. I don't need position to a foot, I just need to know the road I'm on and the direction I'm heading.


  • sviking 141 Points
    Don't know what your issue is because my newest (Garmin 3790T) to my oldest (Garmin StreetPilot 2720) work just fine. I also have a Nuvi 660 right in the middle. I always test them out on road trips after every map update, and I just did for 2013.20. Not a single problem. Touch screens all work fine and satellite lock is achieved in a reasonable amount of time. Even for the two older ones that hadn't had a sat lock (ephemeris data) in months since the last update. My handheld Garmin 60CSx works very well, too, and that is not a new unit by any stretch of the imagination.
  • I do have a similar experience. My old 765T was a bit slow on the screen, but the last update helped resolve the issues for the most part. One cannot expect to type at texting speeds though...

    I also have issues with sat lock after the unit has moved a considerable distance from last lock, especially when I turn it on and start driving, it will take miles to finally get a is a bit frustrating but not much can be done about that...
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Actually there is ... :)

    Don't move it until it gets a lock. If you're driving while it's trying to work out where it is then it will take much longer to acquire the satellites.

    It can also help if you go into simulation mode and set your new location first.

    My 1310 and 1490 generally get lock within around 30 seconds, if switched on where they were last switched off, my Etrex 20 is even faster.
  • I hear ya. go to fast you miss your turns/ so on. but you know what. it's Life
  • alanb 557 Points
    Actually there is ... :) ... It can also help if you go into simulation mode and set your new location first.
    Really? I have tried this and could not see any improvement in acquisition time. Admittedly it is hard to know, as it is only a guess how long it would have taken if I had not set the simulated location. Or maybe this is something that works differently in newer units than it does in my old nuvis.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    My *guess* is that it'll depend on how far you've moved.

    I know that when we cross the English Channel I seem to get a faster lock having set the location than when I don't. My suspicion is that it's probably able to use some/all of the same sats that are already in its database, so by knowing where 'it is' it achieves a quicker lock.

    If it's moved beyond a reasonable distance then the data it has is worthless so not much help.

    But all that could be wrong :lol:
  • The ops point was it's frustrating sitting in the driveway waiting for lock...

    I have not tried simulating my position and seeing if that will get a quicker lock...seems like that would take longer fumbling around with the menus than it would just to wait :?:
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