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Conflicting suggestions on Garmin Auto GPS battery care

I am getting two conflicting suggestions from techies and electronic technicians on what is the best procedures to get the longest battery life from my Garmin device.

Suggestion #1:
Leave device plugged into power all the time while driving.

Suggestion #2
Unplug device and use after GPS device fully charged. Plug in only when warning indicates losing battery power.

I am interested to know what opinions people have on this forum.

I will follow the crowd
:wink: :wink:


  • alanb 541 Points
    Leave it plugged in and forget about it.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    I agree, never any problems with 5 different Nuvi's myself. Certain models had battery issues, but I think those were actually defective and also a different technology from the current models.

    How long would you ever need to use the Nuvi without external power? When it's new you might get 3 hours, probably less depending on the backlight setting. Over time that will gradually reduce as the battery ages. But even an old device should still give somewhere near and hour on batteries. Would you ever need more than that?

    If you really want to get into the details, have a look at
  • t923347 432 Points
    Of my 5 Nuvi's only the 750 has had any battery issues. Currently I get about 7 minutes from a full battery charge. Unfortunately, my device was not part of Garmin's recall for battery issues with the 7xx series.

    In any event, I agree with the other, just plug it in an forget about it.
  • alanb 541 Points
    Rick, I am sure you already know this, but just in case ... battery replacement in the 7xx is very easy and can be done for < $10. I replaced the battery in my 755T when the run time got down to less than 30 minutes. I got the replacement from eBay for about $6.75 ... took less than 15 minutes to install and the new battery will go for about 3 hours at full brightness.
  • t923347 432 Points
    Thanks Alan. I really don't use the 760 any longer (just to check thinks out before I attempt to answer peoples questions :wink: ) so I'm happy to have it work just plugged into a wall charger for now.

    If you can replace the battery for less than $10 I may just order one, once we get down to Arizona for the winter. I've always wanted to take one of these things apart and this could be an excellent candidate. Thanks.
  • I leave mine plugged in all the time while driving, then disconnect it when I leave the vehicle. This depends on the car. Some have the 12V sockets remaining energized when you shut off the engine, some do not. In my case, they stay energized so I pull the plug. I do this rather than turn off via the power button on the Nuvi because when this button eventually wears out, I will have to buy a new GPS. When the power cable wears out, it will only cost $10 or $20 to replace it.

    As far as battery life goes, I have heard many times that rechargeable batteries need to be allowed to discharge completely from time to time. But in my case this almost never happens and I've had my Nuvi 350 for quite a few years now.
  • EWyatt 81 Points
    My 2 cents: leave it plugged in while driving. A more important thing to worry about when driving is having Mr. Sun shine on it as it sits on your dash and getting the unit very hot. THAT is the real battery killer. I usually shroud my 1450 to keep the temp. from sizzling it. (I live down South!)
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