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NY Times article on GPS and Human Error

Viseguy 81 Points
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"When GPS Confuses, You May Be to Blame" -- NY Times, 2 Sept. 2012

Good opening anecdote about the guy who mistakenly enters a California destination while driving on the East Coast. What was the old expression? Garbage In, Garbage Out. :D


  • Boyd 2002 Points
    That was a good read. This is so true:
    The paper illuminates a drawback of GPS technology: that it is designed for docile drivers whose navigational skills have atrophied.
    But many people here expect the GPS to think for them, and are outraged when it gives them wrong directions.
  • what did you do when gps's were not around?
  • what did you do when gps's were not around?
    Blame it on the maps or atlas? :lol:
  • what did you do when gps's were not around?
    I got lost a lot. I got into arguments with the wife because she wanted me to stop and ask directions and I wanted to keep driving. When I did ask, the directions I got were confusing or just plain wrong. Or they were so long and convoluted that I couldn't remember them by the time I got back into the car. The grumpy guy driving up and down pitch-dark roads at 2 a.m. looking for a gas station -- that was me. What about maps, you say? Sure, I had maps. Just never the right map when I needed it. What did I do before GPS? I suffered, that's what! :lol:
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