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2595LMT random reboots when used on battery - fully charged


Have you guys experienced 2595LMT reboots when used on battery?
I returned already one unit because it was rebooting every 10 -15 min when used on battery. The battery was fully charged, as the unit was used in a car for about two hours. The service menu also was showing battery was charged.
My current unit did this only once.

Other than that I really like this GPS.


  • Hi,

    You can try to update the nuvi software to the latest version 7.10. I see in the summary of the latest version that there is fix for an error causing the devices with GTM 60 to shutdown:

    See the sticky topic on how to perform firmware update of your nuvi and make back up of your saved points in the nuvi (if you have such) as they could be deleted after the update.

  • I've had 7 Low Battery reboots since the end of July. In all cases the battery was fully charged, and the latest firmware (7.10) was installed. My 2595 came with a GTM 36 traffic receiver, not a GTM 60.

    The unit has also frozen a number of times and I've had to hold the power button for 15 seconds to force a reboot. The freezes usually (but not always) happen after I use the Smartphone Link app. In Shutdown Causes there are 7 Low Battery entries and 11 Abnormal Shutdown entries from the last 6 weeks.

    The unit functions well other that those occasional problems. I'm not convinced it's hardware - a previous 2595 also had these problems on FW versions 6.20, 6.30 and 6.60. It was returned on Garmin's advice because Smartphone Link functions weren't working.
  • EDIT: Couldn't add this info to my previous post...

    The freezes always occurred after the unit went into sleep mode. Instead of getting the green screen with the padlock to double-tap, the screen would be blank and unresponsive.
  • Thank you for replying guys.

    My unit also has 7.10 firmware already.


    The reboot happens when used on battery, so no GTM60 cable attached.

    The unit I returned had 7.0 on it, so I really hopped 7.10 will fix this issue. Apparently, it still has it. Perhaps, less often, but it is annoying.

    Other then that this GPS works really well for me. Before end up with this one I had to return 2 units. First one did not have good contrast and washy colors on the display. Second one was rebooting every 5-15 min when on battery.

    Let's hope next firmware will be more stable.
  • I am sorry. I should read more carefully. :oops: I really don´t know. :roll: May be the guys here can be more helpful then me but I have read in other topics that for increasing the performance of the nuvi battery you can try a couple of times to wait the battery fully to drain then to charge it again full. Maybe that could help. That is all I can think of.

  • @etomcat, Garmin have released FW 7.20 today. I've been running it for a few hours and so far so good. No mention of any low battery fixes though.
  • Thank you for the advise ddabcd277, may try this to see if it will help.

    Thank you for the update @WAASup :) I did not expect new fw revision so soon.
  • Nope.

    10 min on battery after the update to 7.20 and the device rebooted. I feel like it happens more often now :(
  • SergZak 240 Points
    I hate to state the obvious but one way to resolve some of these oddities is to hard reset the unit. It may not seem like it will work but sometimes, it actually does resolve issues you wouldn't expect it to. It's at least worth a try. If you've done it already, then disregard.

    *Be sure to back your favorites first (see linked topic above and scroll down a bit)
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