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how long does it take to update Garmin Nuvi map?

Just got a new Nuvi 2595 LMT and went on line to do the Map Updater.
It has been "Communicating With Server" for over an hour now.
Is this right? Or is something wrong. I'm afraid to disconnect it.


  • t923347 414 Points
    Depending on your internet connection speed, how busy the Garmin servers are, and at what stage of the process your actually at, it could take many hours to update the maps. The problem is it's kind of hard to tell at what point your at.

    Are you using Garmin's Lifetime Updater program or the Garmin Updater Program? Have you got to the stage where you have to agree to the terms of the license, etc.? Are you seeing a screen that shows a "downloading from server" box that is displaying the percentage complete below it?
  • The last map update I did was about 4GB in size ie the
    Contents of a DVD.

    So it depends on the speed of your connection and the load on the
    Garmin server.

    It could take a couple of hours just to do the download.

  • I tried updating maps on my new Nuvi 3590LMT (I saw it somethere on the internet to do this). When the Updater started (downloading maps?), it kept changing the 'Time left' from 8 hours to 18 hours to 35 hours and back and forth. Six hours later (1:00am), however, the last I saw was 18 hours left. At that point, when I stopped the Updater, the Updater told me that my maps were already up-to-date. So, I do not know if the the Updater did its job or the unit came already loaded with the most up-to-date maps.
  • The Updater on my 3590LMT had informed me that it was going to download 2.6GB worth of data to my GPS. I stopped it anyway.
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