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How to change Nuvi 3590LMT route to an alternate route

Does anyone know how to select alternate travel route on Nuvi 3590LMT? I entered my destination and the unit plotted a route which is I do not like. Thanks.


  • t923347 413 Points
    Easiest way is just to drive the way you want. The Nuvi will figure it out and recalculate the route accordingly.

    Probably the best way to have your route calculated the way you want before you head out is to add a via point(s) to the route that forces the Nuvi to calculate it the way you want. Just enter the destination and let the Nuvi calculate the route. Then go back to Where To and select place(s) along your preferred route and the Nuvi will ask if you want to add the point as a via point to your already calculated route. Say yes, and the Nuvi will calculate a new route passing your via point and on to your final destination.

    You can use any of the original selection criteria for your via point such as address, POI, Favorite, Recently Found, etc. Also you can add as many via points as you need to get the Nuvi on your preferred track.

    Finally, or perhaps before you do anything, make sure you don't have an avoidance turned on that is causing the Nuvi to take the route you don't like. Check Tools - Settings - Automobile - nuRoute - Avoidances. Any of the items that are ticked will be avoided in route calculation if possible. Personally I insure only Unpaved Roads are turned on. Also the Faster Time and Shorter Distance calculation mode can affect the roads used to create a route. So you may want to play with those settings to see if one will give you a better route calculation than the other.
  • Thank you t923347. This is very good information. This is the first time I am using a GPS cross-country. It is so easy to plot/change route selection on Mapquest maps. I am going to try your suggestions on some local addresses to make myself comfortable with needed changes. Will keep u posted. Regards.
  • alanb 419 Points
    If you like using Mapquest, you can transfer Mapquest routes to your 3590 and they will show up in the Trip Planner. The trick with Mapquest is that you have to change all the via points to route stops before you send it to the nuvi. Right click on each via point and select "Make this via a stop" from the pop-up menu.
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