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USB Mode When Car Charger Plugged In

Hey2 0 Points
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I seem to have a problem with now my second GPS so I'm rounding it down to the possibility that satnavs require special USB cables when charging.

Right, I have a Garmin and when I plug in my car charger it automatically switches to USB mode and has a stupid lengthy loading screen then finally goes back to the main menu. (real problem when using it on the go.)

I just recently purchased an old Mio as a backup for a tenner and it does the EXACT same thing. However with this one I can't charge and use at the same time. It does not allow me to leave USB data mode.

So do satnavs require "special" charger specific to their brand in order to recognize that its not a bloody USB connection?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    If the satnav is entering USB mode when plugged into the car charger then it's almost certainly due to a faulty or incorrect cable :wink:
  • Hey2 0 Points
    So means I need to buy a charger specific USB cable? I thought they where the same things lol.

    What about the car charger though? Its a cigarette lighter one so I'd assume it would have worked like it should and charge it not connect to USB mode. It does charge but after it passes the USB data loading screen which sometimes takes 2 minutes!
  • sussamb 829 Points
    That's the one that is almost certainly faulty. Is it the Garmin original one? You don't say which satnav you have but if it's an old one then it's quite possible it's developed a fault. If a new one then you should be able to get it changed under warranty.
  • you cannot plug any usb in, you ccan mod the cable to bypas, or purchase off Ebay for less or go to best by for more.
  • I think you cannot plug a USB, If you want to buy a compatible charger then there are many companies but euro plugs is one of the best companies to buy the chargers whether it is the simple charger or the USB adapter.

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  • Yes you can locate off Ebay, or brick stores for full price tehy can run a few dollrs vs 15-20/00
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