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Just bout a TN765T

spikezone2004 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Hello all, new to the forum and new to the gps world. Just purchased a TN765T today, I bought it from my work as i found it and it was on clearance for 10$! so i thought hey i cant go wrong for 10 bucks, however im looking to do somethings with it. First of all i cant get it to acquire a gps signal it keeps saying Acquiring gps satellites, i looked into it and it said to update it so i did the 2 updates i found for it and it still did not want to acquire a signal but what i saw people do with there gps is unlock it or something and put stuff on it. What i want to be able to do with it is use it at a movie player and unlock it to be able to do that with it. I am a tech savy guy but when it comes to GPS i know nothing about it, iv tried googling it and looked around these forums found stuff on it but didnt actually find out how to do this, i was wondering if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction?


  • Welcome to the world of Motonav 765t users. The quickest way for you to acquire your initial satellite signals, is to walk outdoors with it, and face towards the south.
    Depending on your shouldn`t take but a few minutes, and maybe up to 5 minutes to achieve your satellite "lock". If you`re in a major city, with very tall buildings nearby, it may take a few minutes longer. If you live in the country, it`ll only take a couple of minutes,.
    As far as hacking or unlocking your unit, that type of info isn`t allowed on this forum but there is a slight reference to it, if you search this forum area long enough. Hope this helps you get started with your unit, and for $10 that`s a super buy you can`t go wrong at all!!!!!
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    As far as hacking or unlocking your unit, that type of info isn`t allowed on this forum
    I think it depends on how you define those terms. If you are seeking illegal copies of maps or other software, then that clearly is not allowed. I don't really know anything about the MotoNav, but believe it's based on Windows CE. If you want to "unlock" the device in order to run alternative legal software under WinCE then I don't think there's a problem discussing it.

    I have done this on a variety of Win CE based, such as Mio, HP, Magellan and even Triton 1500. A good place to start would be the MioPocket package which has been adapted to many devices - do a google search and you will find lots of info.
  • im definitely not looking for hacked maps or anything like that, just messing with the windows CE and putting the alternative software on it. I have looked at the mio pocket package but i wasnt sure if that works for every device i will have to take another look at it ill keep you updated
  • iv been trying all morning to install the miopocket the problem i am having is that it wont recognize my sd card i put it in and my computer recognizes it through the gps to computer but the gps it self doesnt say anything about sd card and has no options for it any ideas?
  • ok i got it all install and to work and everything just when i try to play a video file it freezes? any one good with miopocket?
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I think you will find quite a bit more help with MioPocket over at GPSPassion. If you did a google search, then I'm sure that several threads over there came up.
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