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Nuvi 255W route query

Hi guys,
I've owned my Nuvi 255W for a couple of years now and cannot locate the user manual so I hope you can help me!
Is it possible to link the 255w to my PC and then generate my own route for the satnav? or can I generate a personal route within the satnav.
Skibikers. :?:


  • alanb 419 Points
    Sorry, the nuvi 2x5 series does not have the feature for saving and editing routes. You can download the user manual here:
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    You can't load/save/edit routes on the 2x5 series but you can create an active route with multiple via's. The best procedure would be to create a favorite for each point on the map that you want to pass through. You could do this on the device itself or in advance using Mapsource, Basecamp or other programs.

    Assume that your destination is f5 and you want to pass through f1, f2, f3 and f4 along the way. After creating favorites with these names, you would use Where To? > Favorites > F5 > Go to start the route. Now press Where To? > Favorites > F4 > Via > Go. Repeat the same procedure with Where To? > Favorites > F3 > Via > Go and so forth.

    I can't recall, but *think* you will need to do it in reverse order as I have shown (f5 > f4 > f3 > f2 > f1) because I don't think the unit will automatically sort them.

    This route cannot be edited or saved, so you would need to manually re-enter it each time it is used.
  • Hi all,
    Many thanks for the info it's much appreciated.
  • popej 57 Points
    On 2x5 you can insert via in any order, nuvi will sort them. This is a know-how, that Garmin has lost some years ago.
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