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Route changes due to traffic info

I use my device very infrequently, and for quite routine purposes - pretty much: “take me from here to there”.

I connected the traffic antenna (for the first time) while making my way home from Italy yesterday.
In the middle of the journey, I noticed that the route had changed. At first, I was shocked, but because of the unique circumstances of this route, I assumed - but only assumed - that my unit was getting traffic info. And that a traffic jam lay ahead. And that it had re-routed me around that delay.

I was delighted; I never got this kind of info before. My TomTom is a “traffic” unit, but one has to pay for the information - which I would not do because of the infrequent use.
In fact, it saved me a great deal of time in a situation where the traffic had come to a complete halt (not uncommon on European autobahn).

But I was also disappointed; it simply changed the route without telling me. No “Your route has been modified to reflect traffic data.” - or any kind of hint as to what it had already done.

Did I miss something - an alert or whatever? I never saw anything on the screen - and I pay quite close attention to it as I drive.
It would be nice to be told that the route has been changed - and why! - rather than being told to do this-or-that, knowing that that was not part of my intended route.



  • Ramaprem,

    I contacted Garmin support regarding your question, and received this:

    The Nuvi 3590 has a feature called trafficTrends which may contribute to the routes that you are seeing in the unit. Every time you hook up the Nuvi to our website, it will send and receive information concerning traffic reports in your area.
    Once this information is received, the Nuvi will use the trafficTrends feature to guess where the traffic is going to be at a certain time of day, so if you set up a route one location to another, it may be 2 different routes if you set one for mid afternoon as opposed to rush hour, because the idea is to not even encounter the traffic you have to avoid with the modified route .
    The drawback with trafficTrends is that sometimes it will assume there is traffic on a certain part of the route based on past data, and it will not route you on that road, even though there is no traffic whatsoever, and the original route with no traffic is the best route.
    Now, we can disable the trafficTrends option, and that will make sure your unit goes on routes that will get you to your location quickly. This will not disable the traffic, as you will still receive notifications, but it will remove the assumption that traffic is going to be on a certain part of the route, so it will route you on the original route instead of the modified route. To do this, please start on the main menu (Where to? and view map) and please do the following:
    1. Press Settings
    2. Scroll down and press Traffic
    3. Remove the checkmark in the box where trafficTrends is located.
    Once removed, the unit should give you proper routing, but still notify you where traffic is present.

    Hope this helps.
  • It certainly does help; it explains everything.
    Thanks a bunch. :D
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