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google maps not working again

mahammel 41 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
well fellow 765t'ers looks like the google maps link is not working again. well, not just the maps but dialing as well. i tried the weather and the gas updates and neither completed. of course maps says sorry we're unable to send....... de ja vu

anyone else having success?

My (upset and travelling) Camel


  • Yes sir, Camel. It hasn`t worked for me neither,( in the last two weeks. ) At least the last time google maps was down, one could get the gas prices and weather, however this time, it`s totally "kapoot" for now.
  • Fudge icicles! !!!!!

    Just when I get used to using it


    My upset camel!
  • I wonder if they pulled the plug? It's dead on my end too. That would really bite as I liked the weather, and flight info.
  • Now working again for me...anyone else? Updated gas prices this afternoon.
  • My was a glitch and the prices were wrong even though it said last update "today". All data services seem to be gone. :x
  • Finally got around to giving MotoExtras/Google Search a shot and nothing happening here either. It's like the circuit for the phone number doesn't even exist. I dialed the number direct from my phone and I get dead silence - no ring, nada, but after about a minute a canned male voice comes on and apologizes but my party is not answering and I will be disconnected. Methinks the voice is coming from my cell phone carrier, ATT. Maybe they changed the phone number and forgot to tell us? :)

    Camel, did you forget to pay the phone bill? :roll:
  • FWIW - Bing VoiceSearch still works. Different number/service. I never use it. Can get gas prices though, etc.
  • Aw shoot. Yeah them darn bills.

    My unpaying camel.
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