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1450 Lifetime Update + sdcard = fail

I have updated this unit in the past (2012 maps) but evidently the new 2013 maps are larger. Anyway, it said I needed 1.6 GB and I put in a 2 GB card formatted to FAT32. It still says I have insufficient space when trying to update? there a trick to making it choose the sdcard as the update location, can I force it to update to sd somehow? I already have the map on the PC by way of the Liftetime Updater software but I just can't get it onto the device due to this dang space error.


  • Thanks for the quick reply! I did all the items outlined on that page and it's still a no go. The lifetime updater says it's all up to date. I then tried using the webupdater and it located my device, attempted an update and gave me the same lack of space error.

    I just don't get it. It's listing the space requirements before install as less than my 2 GB card yet when I try to load it up, I get the space error. Any other ideas?
  • alanb 419 Points
    Welcome to the forum iowabowtech from a fellow Iowan. There are several aspects to your question. First, if you want to install the entire NA map on SD, I would probably go with a larger card ... 4 or 8 GB. Although you should be able to squeeze it on a 2 GB card, there is an optional junction view file that will give you coverage of many more intersections and photo realistic views. That will add another 750 MB.

    Another option is to put the "lower 49" states in internal memory and put Canada and Alaska on the SD. If you have indeed installed the map to the computer, you should have a program named MapInstall. You can run this program to install the separate portions.

    Forum member Lilla has written several tutorials for the 14xx series nuvi. These tutorials will show step by step instructions for backing up your nuvi, deleting unnecessary files to make more space, installing the map and the large JCV file. You will find a link to the tutorials in the sticky section of this forum here 1490T Tutorial on deleting unnecessary files to make room.

    Many users have reported problems with the Lifetime Map Updater program. You are probably better off sticking with the manual map install method ... referred to as the Map Update Installer.
  • Wow, what a great forum you guys have here. Thanks alan. I did breeze through those instructs a short time ago and my response is...they're doable but if I were to purchase a 4GB or 8GB card, would it eliminate this issue altogether in your opinion? Because if that's the case, I'm as good as on my way to Wal-Mart as we speak. :D

    I just want to be sure if I buy a bigger card that it'll solve these issues and I don't still end up doing manual work on the backend to fit everything on there. I guess what I'm almost wondering there certain items that MUST be installed on the internal memory forcing the need for an occasional cleaning or will a large card be a band aid for all possible scenarios? (within reason)
  • alanb 419 Points
    Sorry, I don't have any first hand experience with the 14xx series, so my response is based completely from what I have read in the forums. It is my understanding that if you have a large enough SD card, early on in the install dialog you will get a choice of 1) installing a portion of the map to internal memory, 2) installing the full map to SD. If you select the option to install to SD, it will install all the map files including the default (small partial coverage) junction view file on the SD. If you want the large JCV file, that is still a separate download and copy.

    Again, that is my understanding of the process on a 14xx nuvi with the newest version of the Map Update Installer.
  • Sounds good. Well, I think I'll just give the larger card a try. I go through smarthphones like they're going out of style so it's not like I won't use it if it's not the silver bullet I was hoping for.

    I'll stay tuned into this thread for any other ideas, otherwise I'll report back after installing a larger card. 8)
  • alanb 419 Points
    Let us know how it turns out. When you get ready to try the update, instead of running Lifetime Map Updater, log into your account, click on MyMaps, click on the Download link for the current map, then Download Map Updater. That should install and run the latest version of the Map Update Installer.
  • Sounds good. Well, I think I'll just give the larger card a try.)
    Here is what to do in order to see the option of install option when you have an sd card.

    Do not delete all the files mentioned by Lilla..... If you have enough or close to enough internal memory, it will want to still install a smaller mapset internally and bypass the sd option.

    If you already deleted lots of file, start GARMIN WEBUPDATER and update all the files you can back to the nuvi. Put as much as possible in there.

    At that point, if you go back to update your map, or force a second update if you already have the latest, you will see that it will give you the option of downloading automaticaly to the sd card. Of course, choose NA full.

    From then on, it will always give you the option of sending to the sd card in the future and even if you had copied all the voices and other files to the nuvi, you will have almost 1.5gb left internally.

    In order to have the large jcv file, you will have to follow instructions to download and copy to the sd card in the proper folder. Also note that eventhough you choose the sd card option on the install, it will send you the small jcv file and it will be installed in internal memory under the .system folder we discuss in the tread.

    Good luck

  • @Romi

    I didn't notice your reply in time and I did in fact delete some items but it worked out ok in the end it seems. Just adding the card alone did not work. So I deleted all non-English help files and all but the American/British sound (jack/jill) files. I didn't touch anything else. Then I tried the update again and this time it worked. I had the option once again to install to the sdcard and it all went through without a hitch.

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for this great forum and the help that was provided. I really do feel like Garmin has some work to do on their end. It's not even close to being a user friendly enough procedure especially for the noob. Garmin is lucky to have the folks on this forum answering questions, it must free up their phone lines some. :lol:

    Thanks all.

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  • Information for people trying the SD Card route in the future.

    Way back, when Garmin put in the option of sending to the SD card when it saw one, I did mine without a hitch and since then, it always shows me the option to go with the sd card install.

    I recently did my sister and before I started, deleted all the files I could to gain as much internal memory as I could. I then installed a 4gb sd card.

    Lo and behold, when I started the process to update her map, it saw that with the internal memory left had enough space to install part of NA, so it never showed me the option of going with a full NA nor to the sd card.

    I then quit the install and copied back all the deleted files and even filled the entire internal memory with jpg files.

    I restarted the map update process, at that point, it showed me I already had the latest map and had to say update anyway, and ONLY AT THAT POINT did I get the option of going to the sd card.

    So in fact, we should not delete files in order to see from the Garmin site, the option of going sd, at least, this was my experience.

    Also, it will always (at this point) send the small jcv file to internal memory by default, so you have to delete that file and download and copy to the sd card the full jvc file.

  • alanb 419 Points
    Glad you got a successful update iowabowtech. I do recommend that you download the large JCV file. You can put it in either internal memory or on the SD. It gives you MANY additional junction views in Iowa and elsewhere.
  • Sounds good guys, I hear exactly what both of you are saying. Romi, I agree that by and large deleting files probably isn't the answer when adding an SD card. Frankly, if one goes to the effort and expense of adding one, it shouldn't be an issue!! Garmin needs to fix this so no workarounds are required.

    Step 1: Add card
    Step 2: Profit

    Anything less is a fail imo. Alan, I will indeed acquire the jcv file on your recommendation. I must have received some of those intersection views with this update because I used my GPS tonight and saw one for the first time ever. Kind of a neat feature.

    Thanks gentlemen.

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