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Lowrance Endura Sierra

alanb 557 Points
I have been wanting a second handheld gps for geocaching. Whenever I go with my son or daughter, we fight over who gets to use the Garmin Oregon 550 (and they are too cheap to buy one for themselves :) ). A real compass is important to me, so I have been watching for a good price on a Garmin Etrex 30, Delorme PN-60, Magellan Exlorist or another Oregon . I ran across a cheap used Lowrance Endura Sierra on eBay for $77. I realize these things have terrible reviews and Lowrance has recently discontinued this model, but the seller had a 30 day return policy, so I decided to give it a try.

I got it today and it appears to be barely used; no scratches on the screen and only one small ding on the case. All the saved tracks and waypoints on it had 2009 dates. It booted up OK, but as I was searching through the menus it did a couple of spontaneous reboots (Uh-oh :!: )

I found update 1.5.1a at the Lowrance site and applied it. That seemed to stabilize it. I have messed around with it a couple of hours now and it hasn't rebooted itself since updating. One thing I noticed about it is that the screen with backlight is brighter than the Oregon and is easier to see in shade. But in direct sunlight the transreflective properties of the Oregon are better than the Sierra. The Sierra is readable in sunlight, but doesn't have quite as much contrast as the Oregon.

I loaded up 1000 geocaches from a pocket query and everything looks good so far. It boots up quite a bit slower than the Oregon, but once it gets there and acquires, everything I need seems to be present and working OK. I hope to take it out on the trail this afternoon to see how it does.

Any Lowrance users out there that have any advice or tips for me? There doesn't seem to be much information out on the web about this model other than the negative reviews.
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