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Harman Kardon GPS-510

I am looking at purchasing the Harman Kardon GPS-510. Could anybody shed some light as to whether this would be a good purchase? I am located in Canada and I was wondering if the maps are as good as Garmin or other brands. Can the maps be updated?


  • Tim 1484 Points
    I haven't had a chance to check out the 510 yet, but I did review the 500.
  • Anybody know when map updates will be released? And what price should I look at?
  • I am looking at the 500... are there many more features on the 510 than on the 500? Amazon has the 500 for $200 and I am looking for the best gps value and the 500 is looking pretty good right now but I am wondering if the 510 would give me any reason to wait?
  • So does anybody know when there will be any firmware upgrades for this model? Any map updates?
  • please,

    I and I need the official update for Harman Kardon GPS-510. on the official website no longer exists


    update of the original dvd


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