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I have a Nuvi 3590 with TRAFFIC and all that. What can I do thats interesting or cool with that card slot?


  • Boyd 1953 Points
    Probably nothing, unless you have filled internal memory. If you do, then it could be used to add maps for other countries, or maybe topo maps. You could also store POI's on a card, but generally speaking these are not very big files and won't need a card.

    I think your model may support audio books, so you could use a card for that, or maybe for photos.
  • Why did Garmin put a card slot on the 3590? Will the size of new maps eventually become so big ill need to put them on a card because internal memory will be used up?
  • t923347 414 Points
    Use up the space on the internal memory, who knows. :wink:

    In 2005 when I bought my first Nuvi, there was lots of space for a map update but for the last few years any 2GB internal storage model has had problems with a full map update or a complete Junction View file, etc.

    For now, any NA model with 4 or 8GB of internal storage has few problems with map updates but everyone gets bigger (a good thing) so at some point that SD card slot may be needed. It maybe that the 4GB models in Europe are already reaching the full mark as those maps files are larger than the North American version.
  • alanb 419 Points
    Actually the 4 GB 8x5 series in NA is already facing space problems with the NA map update. That is probably why Garmin distributes the scaled back JCV file with that series. I think the additional space used by the voice recognition files on the 8x5 is what has caused it to be tight on storage while some other 4 GB models like the 7x5 are still OK.
  • I wish you would NOT speak in GPS jargon. What's an NA series? I would really like to know what you do. Can you write that again in English? Gracias.
  • alanb 419 Points
    Sorry. NA = North America, JCV = abbreviation/file name extension for Junction View file, 8x5 and 7x5 are Garmin model groups (the "x" represents various numbers differentiating specific models within the model group like nuvi 855 or nuvi 765), GB = gigabyte, OK = okay :)

    The point of my post is that even for some Garmin models with 4 gigabytes of storage, the SD card is now or will soon be necessary to do a map update and store the full coverage North America map.
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