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On my Nuvi 3590 3-D seems to be the default. What would be the advantage of changing to TRACK UP or NORTH UP? I've tried it on each configuration but cannot see any particular advantage in anything over 3-D. Help.


  • Personal preference

    Some people are lost if the aren't looking at a North-up view, they can't orient themselves. Others are lost if it's not showing what's actually ahead of them. Th 3D views adds some perspective, as if flying over your route.

    None is "better" than any other, it's just which you like best.
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    There are some pros and cons to each view.

    North Up and Track Up are 2D views, which makes it possible to estimate distances (especially since there is a distance scale) and to gauge the relative relationships between things. So you have a better idea of how far away things are.

    North Up keeps the map orientation stationary. The advantage here is there is a known reference for "up" so it's easier to orient yourself relative to other things and relative to a paper map. The disadvantage is the icon of your car keeps changing direction. So you have to mentally picture the orientation of the next turn if it's not aligned to north up. For example, if you are traveling south, a right turn will look like a left turn on the screen.

    Track Up will keep rotating the map so that your car icon stays pointing up. This means a right turn will always look like a right turn. But the map reference direction keeps changing so it's hard to visualize where you're at in relation to the big picture.

    3D mode is like Track Up in that it keeps your car icon stationary, but you get a 3D view instead of an overhead view. This is a more realistic view of what you see as a driver, so it's the default.

    People who are use to navigating with paper maps tend to like the North Up view. People who are novices at navigating and like to follow the turn-by-turn directions tend to like the 3D view.

    I find that I often switch between North Up and 3D. I'm very use to classical navigation methods so I like North Up when I'm in an unfamiliar area and it's hard to orient myself. I use this mode if I'm the navigator for someone else. But the 3D mode is good when I'm the driver and I'm in a complex area with a lot of turns and I just need to follow the GPS's directions.

    I wish there was a map button on the screen where I can quickly switch between North Up and 3D.
  • Holy Cow! Somebody really understands this mierda. Thank you SO MUCH. I cannot imagine how long it would have taken me to get that. I expect I should search ALL your posts to see what else I can glean.
    I took a screen shot of your answer and saved it to my "really articulate smart guy archive."
  • class3 52 Points
    No problem, glad we could help. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
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