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Have a bad TNXXX series Power Cord?

moondog151 41 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
Hi all. After being exposed to many, many TNXXX units, I have come across several, with bad power cords after they have been used a while.
The most common problem, appears to be at the mini-plug end...the end that inserts directly into the cradle.
As you have probably noticed, the mini-plug ends are molded closed, and are virtually impossible to open up, and do a possible wire repair on them so I`ve been searcihing for quite a while to find a suitable replacement mini-plug replacement.
Just a few days ago, I finally found a perfect replacement. The replacement part number is CA-2221, which is available from Digi-Key.
It takes 24-48 hours to get a registration confirmation from Digi-Key after filling out a short form. Once registration is complete, you can then order this item and since they now, do have them in stock, they can ship it to you quite quickly.
The replacement item is the correct sized mini-plug already attatched to a cable which is approximately 60 inches in length.
Now, in order to "match up" these two cords (your OEM Motorola power cord with the bad end) to the new replacement cord you must connect these wires in sequence...
On the original power cord (after cutting off the bad end assy) strip back the cable to expose 4 wires....
Now, strip the insulation off of the "red" and "green" wires, and twist them together to make one wire end.
Now, connect the twisted "red, green" wires to the single "red" wire onto the new replacement cable. Insulate this connection...
Next, strip back a little bit of the "black" wire on the original power cord, and connect it, to the "black wire, of the new replacemnent cable....again, insulate this connection.
Next.......strip back a little bit of the "blue" wire on the original power cord, and connect that one, to the "GREEN" wire, of the new replacement cable..after insuslating that connection, you are now done with your repair.
You know, have full functionality of the power cord, including the proper charging rate and full traffic coverage, just like you did before your cord malfunctioned.
Hope this is of help, to people who need to fix thier power cords...


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Here is a wiring diagram provided by Doppleganger -


    This will work as I have repaired one of my damaged power cords with the replacement cord Moondog151 has detailed above.

    Many thanks to Moondog151 for finding this solution since Motorola no longer offers any support at this time.

    This is the original MotoNav power cord wires with the plug removed. (provided by moondog151)

  • carlkovach 0 Points
    I found that my motonav will not charge with the car charger, I looked and looked but could not find a replacement for the cradle that was not charging so I took the cradle apart and found out that the hole were you put the car charger in has a little peace of metal that needed to touch the outside of the of the car charger when you put the plug in the hole on the cradle.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Did you solve your problem?
  • Yes, and it has been working ever since. No power problems at all it keeps a charge.
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