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nuvi50LM - How to save ROUTE ?

I bought my 1st GPS several months ago . . . a Garmin nuvi50LM . . . & have lots of questions. Actually, I rarely use it, so unfamiliarity is probably at the root of most of my concerns.

It appears that destination locations are saved & routes are computed after I make a choice to "go to". However, I have preferred routes to some places. I know I can enter "via points", but that is tedious & time consuming to do repeatedly. For local stuff, I can just "go my own way" thru certain sections & the GPS's recomputed directions will eventually get me there.

Here's an example. I prefer to avoid the NJ Turnpike, NY city, tolls, etc when driving from southern MD to Springfield, MA. I discovered (via Mapquest) a route that's about the same travel time, distance, better traffic conditions, etc . . . & about $2-3 toll (depending on direction). I've driven it a couple of times. It's just a more pleasant trip, but some parts of the route are a little complicated & construction sometimes adds to the confusion. Obviously, reading printed directions while driving (in unfamiliar areas) is unsafe & defeats the purpose of having a GPS.

I would like to save the ROUTE (& reverse route). Can that be done? If so, how? Can I create routes on my computer & download them to 50LM? How?


  • sussamb 764 Points
    Sorry, but your 50 isn't capable of reading routes sent to it, or of creating and then saving routes on the GPS itself :cry:
  • Thanks, sussamb.

    OK . . . it looks like I'll have to use "Via Points". I remember seeing "Via Points" as an option, I think in the "where to" sequence. Now I need some specifics. The manual (downloaded from isn't very complete IMHO; doesn't even mention "Via Points".

    Can I enter multiple "Via Points" along my route? If so, how many? I assume they must be entered in the proper sequence. Is that right or will the GPS figure out the best logical sequence? Should I enter point1, point2, point3 . . . final destination?

    What's the best way for entering "Via Points"? For instance, I want to go via Annapolis, Philadelphia, Trenton & Somerville NJ to Sturbridge, MA. I obviously don't want to go "downtown" in any of those "Via cities".

    Should I enter specific coordinates (from Google Earth); perhaps enter highway intersections, like "I-287 & I-87", etc? If I bypass a "Via Point" w/o going to the "exact spot", will the GPS count that one as "done" & recalculate to the next "Via"?

    Is there some place where I can get a more complete/detailed owner's manual?
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Some of the Nuvi models allow you to enter multiple via's, others only allow a single one. You will have to give it a try, I don't know what the Nuvi 50 allows.

    It is very simple though - press Where To and use any of the available choices to pick the destination. Now repeat and use any choice to select a via - address, intersection, coordinates, POI's, a point on the map, etc.

    When you press GO it should ask if you want to set a new destination or to insert it as a via the the current route. Choose via. Now repeat and see what happens. It will either add it as a second via or it will replace the previously selected via.
  • The 50 only allows one via point per route.
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