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Auto-sort multiple vs route Optimization

TheHouse 0 Points
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Seems to be an ongoing question over the last 5 years, but basically I'm looking to input 50 different destinations and have the same start and finish location. I want the GPS to sort them for the fastest route possible, not necessarily just closest to farthest. Being able to add another point in while I'm on route would be helpfull as well. Route optimization was a term that doesn't seem to be used anymore, seemingly replaced by 'auto sort multiple destinations'. Is there a difference? Basically is auto sort going to provide the best route or just closest to farthest? With me having the same start and finish location its not necessarily the best option.As this is the only feature I want I'm looking to spend as little as possible. I'm looking at the Garmin Nuvi 1450. Any suggestions/thoughts?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Auto sort multiple destinations appears to be Garmin speak for route optimization.

    I have a 1490 (same series as the 1450)and it will allow you to manually reorder any route, and also provides a route optimization function that does it automatically. I've never used it for 50 or so destinations but it appears to do a reasonable job.

    When it does optimize the route the start and finish aren't changed, so once they're set that's it.

    You can also add additional stops should you wish to.
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