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Audible & Configurable Speeding Alert?

eponym 0 Points
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I'm searching for a new GPS for my wife, who tends to collect speeding tickets. I've heard that the TomTom Via 1535 (and perhaps others?) have a speeding alert feature. I'd welcome some confirmation as I couldn't contact the manufacturer directly for more than the basic features lists.

I need a unit that knows what the posted speed is on our city's roads, and which will give more than a flashing light or red mph display. I'd like a loud vocal reprimand but I will settle for a loud constant beeping.

I would also like to be able to set when that warning goes off, for instance 2 mph over the posted limit.

And if there is a manufacturer's online resource I overlooked, I will welcome that pointer too.

Your help is appreciated, thanks,
Merry Christmas,


  • dhn 336 Points
    There is a setting (safety) for 'warn when driving faster than allowed'. Besides a visual cue of a red highlighted speed, you can set an audible one.

    That said, you have to rely upon the accuracy of the mapping data such that the true mph is imbedded in the map files (although you can set a different speed through mapshare changes).

    Certainly on highways and main roads, the mph shown is pretty accurate .


    The warnig is hard coding to sound at about 10% above the posted speed. So, for 60 mph, for example, you can't set it for 62 or 63 yourself but the sound should kick in at about 65 or 66 mph.
  • Thanks for the details.
    Is this one model in particular? The 1535?
  • dhn 336 Points
    Actually, not only is there a safety setting for 'Warn when driving faster than allowed', there is also one for 'Warn when driving faster than a set speed'. (I don't use the latter one myself..)

    Thes settings are on the Via 1535 and most other devices now sold.
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