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White screen now black screen on Maps and More Navigon70/71

alanwmcc 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Hi Just bought a VW Up. Nice little car. Not too impressed with Maps and more Navigon unit that comes with it. Thought I would plug it in to PC to check software up to date. Navigon Fresh found it for about 30 seconds then said device not found, screen went all white. Waited 5 minutes then did reset with button at base and holding down start button. Unit now completely dead! Any suggestions other tan taking it back to VW after xmas?


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I hope you get a response, but these kind of built-in navigation systems are not discussed very often around here unfortunately. I suspect you will need the help of your VW dealer on this. You might also try a forum oriented toward Volkswagen owners, there are several.
  • Its not actually built in. Its a Navigon 70 Premium with a few more electrical terminals at the back. I was hoping someone with a 70 would have a suggestion as to how to fix it.
  • Someone suggested hard reset needs 20 second holding reset and off button. This turned out to do the trick. Didn't realize it was necessary to hold them so long!
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