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Topo map software for Triton series

jameskunzman 0 Points
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Since NatGeo map software is no longer available, is there another software that is as good or better that would be compatible with Triton? Yor input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Happy New Year


  • Is this true? I realize I'm late to the party, just bought a Triton 200 on the cheap the other day.

    Been trying unsuccessfully to subscribe to NatGeo TOPO!, They're still advertising NatGeo on the Magellan site!?!

    Am I missing something? If anyone could clarify this for me I'd really appreciate it.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I believe National Geographic phased out the state series topo maps (what you would need for the Triton) a few years ago. For awhile you could still find them at discount prices. I have not seen them recently, although I haven't really looked for them either.

    Magellan's new eXplorist models use completely different mapping and they have a new partnership with National Geographic but those maps that are not compatible with the Triton.

    I don't think Magellan is interested in supporting the Triton anymore I'm afraid. Here's a bit of a story: I heard from the owner of GPSFileDepot recently. He was contacted by Magellan to see if he had any interest in encouraging users to make their own Magellan maps and post them at gpsfiledepot (which is currently only for Garmin maps). Apparently they feel that the availability of free maps has been a big factor in the popularity of Garmin's models.

    Garmin has never formally released the specs for their map format and does not offer any tools for users to make their own maps, so we must use third party reverse-engineered tools. However Magellan is introducing some official software to make maps for their units and are evidently willing to offer it to some of the gpsfiledepot mapmakers.

    I said I was interested, since I also own a Triton and it would be pretty straightforward to convert my Garmin maps. However, Magellan said their new software would not be compatible with the Triton series at all, only the new eXplorist models. According to Magellan, the change in map formats is somehow related to Mitac's purchase of Magellan a few years ago.

    Sorry for the long story, but perhaps it sheds a little light on Magellan's strategy. They are moving forward with new devices and a new map format and will not look back to the Triton. It's a shame, because I can make a Garmin map and it will work on basically any mapping device they've ever made.

    Another interesting rumor I heard is that they are working on some new models that are Android-based.
  • Thanks Boyd, that does help.

    In my search to make this Triton 200 more useful I've come across a little freeware program called RMP Maker.

    The idea is that you open a map you've found elsewhere, in RMP Maker, and locate a few lat. and long. points, then export as an RMP file.

    Haven't gotten it to work quite yet, but it does seem to create an RMP file that Vantage Point can see, just can't get the map to open properly in vantage point yet.

    Anyone else gotten this to work?
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Yes, I have used it before myself and have a friend with a Triton who uses it. I found their format pretty strange however and TritonRMP is a little rough around the edges. The main problem is, once you create a map (from a raster image), it will only display at two or three zoom levels and this is based on the resolution of the raster image you use. So if you use the most detailed imagery - 1 foot per pixel for example - the map will only appear when you zoom WAY in, making it less useful.

    However, .rmp files are actually containers and can hold a number of maps that each have their own zoom levels. So to make such a map more useful you would need to include maps at a variety of resolutions such that you could zoom further out. That is a lot of trouble.

    Have a look at Leszek Pawlowicz's Triton RMP Helper program, it provides a front-end to the software. I haven't tried it myself though:
  • Downloading TritonRMPHelper right now, thanks again Boyd!
  • jotto 0 Points
    I have TOPO Explorer Deluxe, but I have only been successful getting it to work once. The rest of the time it crashed my computer. There is another option for this, Vantage Point and getting your own maps.

    The best place I have found is a pay site called, the fee isn't bad, I paid a renewable subscription. They have lots of maps of most places of interest, US and abroad.
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