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Mio DigiWalker C220 Advice [Mio]

Angael 0 Points

A father of my friend just bought a GPS device abroad and brought it here, to Israel, to use but he has difficulties. Now, I know jack shit about GPS devices but I said I'll look Into it.

Below is his email, It's quite self explanatory, any help with that would be great.

Here is the info:
Product: Mio DigiWalker C220
GPS s/w: Mio Map Program Ver. 3.2 April 16 2006, Powered by iGO 2006

In the SD memory stick from the box I can see one directory "maps" and it includes USA states maps, file names in the form of "alabama.fbl".
The device also works without the SD so I assume the iGO program is installed in the GPS memory itself with small sample map data.
I was told that in order to allow usage of ther maps I need a kind of crack-program that I load to the SD with other maps and it changes the behavior of the navigation s/w to work with the map on the SD.

What I need is:
1. Enable usage of other maps such as Israel_english_2007.fbl and Israel_hebrew_2007.fbl
2. Israel off-road map
3. How to navigate to a point specified by coordinates (get distance and direction to point).
4. Hebrew (for the hebrew maps)

I would appreciate anything that will improve my usage of the GPS.
Now, I've found this thread where an advice is given about how to hack the Mio C520 and add Israel maps to it and all, is it still relevant to C220 and even though it's an old thread ?
Just trying to make sure the device wont be damaged if this procedure is followed.

Again, any help would be great.




  • Hi, David. Maps can be purchased from MIO, on the MIO web site.
  • Hi, David. Maps can be purchased from MIO, on the MIO web site.
    MIO has not offered any updated maps to US clients and the maps on their "NEW" C230 are grossly outdated. I checked and the maps on my "BRAND NEW" c230 are dated 2005!

    If there are newer maps, they should have made them available to new customers. I feel like the guy that bought a car and when it was delvered there were no tires and when he asked the dealer where the tires were the dealer said "AH! Now we talk EXTRAS!!!"
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