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Sonar HDS Gen2 Touch - structurescan and geofencing ?

gregkrak 0 Points
I am going to buy the echo sounder HDS Gen2 Touch and I have a couple of questions:

- does the HDS Gen2 Touch’s sonar have the embedded structurescan and will it work with one transducer ? For the HDS-1 or HDS-2 echo sounder I had to have the LSS structurescan, so two transucers sunk in the water;

- does HDS Gen2 Touch sonar have the Lowrance Geofencing embedded?

- will HDS Gen2 Touch sonar - bought in USA - work in Europe (more precisely - in Poland)? HDS Gen2 Touch sonar is much cheaper in USA than in Europe, but I would like to have the Polish language included, speeds in kph and GPS working;

- what transducer do you recommend for an echo sounder, assuming that I swim on shallow lakes, up to 100 meters deep?

- could you give me some links and bearings, where I can buy cheaply HDS Gen2 Touch sonar with shipping to Poland?

Thank you in advance!
Best wishes,


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