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Garmin Express



  • kstev99 0 Points
    The Lifetime Updater had an option to control the download speed. It was automatically updated to Garmin Express when I started it and immediately began downloading a 1G+ map at full throttle. does anyone know where there is a setting to control this? I'm only on a 1M connection and it's sucking up all of my bandwidth.
  • When do you want us to check for and download updates automatically?
    Anytime? Overnight (10PM - 5 AM)? Weekdays? Weekends? Never?

    Go to the Express scheduler settings, when you are there click on Advanced Options. Notice all the orange shaded blocks of times and days.

    What's going to be going on during your selected blocks of time and days?

    --> Is the Garmin Core Update Service going to be calling Garmin during each of those blocks of times and days?
    --> And if so, will the service be calling Garmin continuously, or only once, within each of the time blocks?
  • About my scheduler questions in the prior post, my problematic concern with the scheduler is solved, thanks anyway.

    Rather than deal with the uncertainties of how often, and when the Garmin Core Update Service calls home, I instead chose to uninstall Garmin Express and revert back to the efficient and proven MapUpdater.

    Since I never cared for having a service running in the background when other viable alternatives could be used, it was a relief to uninstall it.

    In addition, my install of Garmin Express v 2.1.12 never produced any covertly placed option to download the map to my computer.
    With the GPS connected to Express ,highlight DEVICE. in the lower left there is a pane with device opted by default. click on device,the tab will drop down giving you options to install to computer also.
  • jangeo67 86 Points
    sorry supersnake. my previous post should have also said to click into REINSTALL,then change MAP COVERAGE.
  • sorry supersnake. my previous post should have also said to click into REINSTALL,then change MAP COVERAGE.
    Thank you for informing me about your inadvertently omitted additional procedure. However, as I had described, I was never able to get Express to reveal an option for downloading to my computer.

    Regardless, it's all moot since I prefer to remain with MapUpdater.

    Thanks Jangeo,
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I’m on Mac - and have just installed GE.
    Before doing that, I was getting some conflicting alerts about stuff being available for download - using older software. Now all seems in order.

    It seems this app to be a "one-stop-shop" - replacing LifetimeMapUpdater and WebUpdater and ...what else? There are so many Garmin apps!

    Can someone please tell me where-oh-where the back-up(s) are/is filed on my computer? I cannot find any file or series of files that would constitute even a single back-up of my 3590 - which has 8 GB internal storage and is now nearly full (which comes as a surprise).
  • sussamb 829 Points
    GE doesn't back up all of your nuvi, just user data like favorites, routes etc . You can select where to back it up on PCs, isn't the mac the same?
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    No - there is no preference allowing choosing the location for the back-up.
    And since there are many, many files which are of the size that would constitute the limited back-up data, I don't know which it is.

    However, if GE is backing up only that data that you mention, I guess that I'm less interested in the location.
    And yet...I am!!
  • Boyd 2010 Points
    I don't use Garmin Express and don't intend to, considering all the bugs plus that fact that I don't have lifetime maps. But I'd be willing to bet the data is stored with the other "Garmin Stuff" in ~/Library/Application Support/Garmin (where the ~ represents your user home directory).

    If you are running Lion or newer on your Mac, Apple has hidden the user Library directory so you will need to use a trick to reveal it. If you go to your home directory (the one with your user name and a little icon of a house next to it), use the Go > Go to Folder and enter Library in the dialog box. You will then see the Library folder and the Garmin folder inside.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I'm on Mountain Lion, and have made my Library folder permanently visible via a Terminal command. But thanks for that.

    And you are correct: the stuff is here: Library>Application Support>Garmin>Express.

    Should have thought of it myself; thanks again.
  • comsnark 0 Points
    Fair comment. Express seems to be aimed at the 'casual' GPS user who simply wants a one stop shop to update the GPS. Those of us used to 'wielding our own spanners' will, I'm sure, continue to wield them :wink:

    It does though seem far more reliable in updating maps than Garmins 'lifetime updater' according to user experience posted on other forums.
    Personally, I would be *FINE* with software aimed at the casual user. . .if it worked! I only update every 6-9 months; and it is always an adventure. The only program that seems to work reliably is Garmin Map Updater. (which I only re-found through a link on this forum)
  • Mmoonitz 0 Points
    It is ridiculous that this function should spawn so much agita. This is precisely the one thing Garmin should have fixed right years ago to make it as simple as MS does when they notify you of an update to XP for example, click and it is done, period. This is precisely why I never update maps; just buy a new unit every three years or so. I fear that the nav competition from smart phones is going to make matters worse in that Garmin, losing significant market share, will not devote time and money to proper updating functionality.

    I had suggested some years ago that Garmin should have established 'update' stations at various retailers where you would bring your nuvi and buy a map update, installed by (hopefully) experts. Done and done!
  • truckinguy 117 Points
    I have a exact copy of my Dezl on my hard drive for backup and Express thinks it's a real gps so it confuses me as to which one it's showing. It shows Dezl 2 for example and a Dezl.
    Be careful unistalling express as I used Revo and it wiped out all my saved files made from over the years of routes,waypoints,saved tracks. Lucky I had them backed up on an external drive. It reaches deep into Garmin files and locks onto them.
  • privet01 229 Points
    Last month I purchased the Lifetime Map Updates for my nuvi 205w (yeah old stuff) and Garmin Express was one of the things that got installed on my PC. After the install, my other Garmin programs like MapSource and BaseCamp or Garmin Connect no longer recognized my Garmin marine and fitness devices.

    I don't remember now, but I think it was a quick re-install of the Garmin usb drivers that fixed that issue. However now for the last week or so randomly after starting my PC, GE says that there is an update available for my nuvi 205w. When I click the balloon message to open GE, it comes up as says the nuvi is up to date.

    What gives?? Has GE helped anyone? Do I need to keep it in order to apply map updates to my nuvi?

    I have not explored GE very much, but I was hoping it was going to tie together the updating of all my Garmin devices and Garmin PC software. It would really be nice if similar to Microsoft Windows Update, it offered me options to download available updates in the background then let me know when they are ready to be applied.

    Again, the key thing though is let GE be the one stop place to go and look for updates to all my Garmin devices and software. Any thoughts on this.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    That's what Garmin appear to want GE to be ... a one stop shop. The idea is good, unfortunately the implementation is poor with lots of reported problems.
  • Gramps 0 Points
    I just updated my 755T after over a year of letting it sit on my dash doing its thing unmodified. Garmin Express is a new thing to me which I was invited to download and use for the purpose yesterday.

    I have to say this about GE: This is the first time I have done a map and file update without the process being halted and being informed that an unexpected error had been detected. Then being invited to start the download again, and again, and again... I end up having to go behind the scenery and look for a way to get it the old fashioned way. But with GE 2.1.2 for the first time the files downloaded and updated everything without any incident. Count me as a fan of Garmin Express!
  • Mmoonitz 0 Points
    Well, looks like at least one satisfied customer. I will rather wait for some more good reviews, at least on the 2797, before I try it. I usually wait til after I have been to the dentist to try a map update figuring the pain can't be that much worse.
  • privet01 229 Points
    I have to say this about GE: This is the first time I have done a map and file update without the process being halted and being informed that an unexpected error had been detected. ............................................. But with GE 2.1.2 for the first time the files downloaded and updated everything without any incident. Count me as a fan of Garmin Express!
    I do have to give it that much. It did do the map update fairly quick (relative to past map updates of my marine gps's) Just have to wait and see if it will work a second time when the next updates out.
  • Mmoonitz 0 Points
    Did you also use it for firmware update as well?
  • privet01 229 Points
    Did you also use it for firmware update as well?
    I don't think so, I believe a month or so ago I did a firmware update from the link on the MyGarmin site dashboard. During the install of GE and the map update I was just clicking okay buttons when they popped up and not paying as much attention as I should have.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Just had a 'critical warning' on Garmin Express linking to this web page:

    Seems a bit late, would have been good if this had been done when they pulled the update to the CN EU map :twisted:
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    "Go with the flow" could not be more appropriate. :lol:
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Slow flow :wink:
  • GE 2.1.13 seems fine to me, and have now used it to update 2 nuvis. There still doesn't seem to be an option for downloading the latest maps to Basecamp or Mapsource (for doing stuff with our 1490), and at present it seems we have to use the old mapupdater.

    I'll never use it again with my Edge 800 though; last time it destroyed the maps, and the backup I'd made according to GE turned out to be an empty file. Despite excellent phone support from Garmin, (don't bother with e-mail/webpage forms; the first few replies will be telling you to reset the device etc.), I had to send it back to them for a reset, free of charge even though out of guarantee. Good stuff!
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