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Navigon 2100 down... Need assistance please!

Rumrumm 0 Points
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Have a Navigon 2100 I bought used a few years back and have proudly relied on for quite a while. Battery finally stopped holding a charge, so following a YouTube video, carefully opened unit & removed battery, matched part # & specs on eBay, ordered, & carefully installed a new battery, making sure the ribbon cable slid into position and was locked properly, and reassembled with great care. Recharged overnight, but upon powering up, I hear a few musical notes, then the screen slowly changes from one solid primary color to another. Activating the "reset" button has no effect, either as powering up or during operation. Will turn on & off fine, but no other functions except mentioned above. Any suggestions how to return my 2100 to service? Much rather repair than replace, since Santa got all my funds recently. What do you think???


  • Is this a new record? Or is my question so utterly silly as to ignore some basic principal that evades me? I realize not all questions have answers, but not even one suggestion? I know it's a much older model, but not everyone has the spare cash to replace with the latest & greatest, in case there is something else to try. Can't even afford a SmartPhone and use it instead. Sorry to whine like a little kid, but being very low on funds, unemployed, and needing this unit badly to assist in locating potential employers to save time and gas is immensely frustrating. Sorry for praying for a small miracle and wasting the forum's time. My best to all... I'll try not to waste any further posts.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I don't think people are intentionally ignoring you. But Navigon left the US market almost 4 years ago, and I don't think there are many people left that still use their devices. :cry:
  • Thanks, Boyd. At least I understand now. Thanks for the info.
  • roadster 96 Points
    I still own my Navigon 2100, and the 5100 as well.

    If you carefully removed, do you think you may have snapped the ribbon cable, or incorrectly touched something?

    It's been a while sice you looked into this and am sure you had time to re inspect.

    nevergive up today these sites are for information, no longer a chit chat. GRIN
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