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HD Traffic 6.0 launched in USA

mvl 191 Points
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TT has announced HD traffic 6.0's launch in the USA.

This seems to correlate to a phenomenal increase in accuracy, that I observed beginning in the late-November/early-December timeframe.

They boast 76 million probes, this is way too high to reflect just TT customers and iOS/blackberry customers. Tomtom must have picked up cell phone operator probes from somebody, just like they have used Vodafone probes in Europe for years. I've been looking at market share numbers, that number is too low for Verizon/AT&T, and to high for any other carriers. Perhaps it's only a subset (eg: 3G/4G customers) of Verizon and/or AT&T.


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  • mvl 191 Points
    Wouldn't be surprised.

    It has to be a subset (maybe the newer phones) of AT&T or Verizon.

    Airsage uses Verizon, and Verizon's a partner of Vodafone, so that could make sense.

    And AT&T is TT's PND HD traffic partner, so that's a realistic option too.

    I'm surprised that whatever carrier was involved wasn't proud enough to announce it publicly.
  • AirSage started out with Sprint customers, cdma only, and added Verizon later.


    They have over 100 million cell probes actually something around 140 million.

    TomTom's announcement includes the RIM customers plus TeleNav which they took away from Inrix. There are 12-16 million RIM users still active and TeleNav is the default private label nav program for AT&T and Sprint so that is probably another 10-20 million. The press release states that they had 3 million probes last year. Their iOS and new Android software has to have several million users plus the active Live and Fleet users here.

    The missing data could be either T-Mobile 35 million users OR maybe AT&T but only on their LTE sites.

    It is also possible that Apple is sending iPhone probe data to TT as part of the mapping deal.
  • You may be right about AirSage.

    I thought they interfaced with the carrier at 100% but come to find out they support only certain network equipment providers on the partner networks.

    So they are missing Ericsson (who bought out Nortel wireless) , Samsung, Huawei, NSN (Nokia/Siemens) and some others I may not be aware of.

    So it may well be that they are only getting half of the cell phones of Verizon and Sprint.

    "Network & Equipment Manufacturers

    AirSage has network interfaces with Motorola, Lucent and Nortel. Combined, the three companies constitute a significant portion of the global mobile infrastructure equipment. These equipment providers have proprietary data formats and restricted access."
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