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2595 LMT Roads disappeared. Secondary roads not displaying.

My 2595 LMT refurb is 3 weeks old. Just last night, it stopped displaying (and labeling) side streets and many secondary and tertiary roads. They just don't show on the map. As best I can tell, it appears to only display roads with a route number.

All of this just started last night. I went in to a restaurant to have dinner (GPS auto-powered off) and when I came out to go home, only the route numbered roads would display. The map detail is still set where it always has been. 3D NORMAL.

Here are the other symptoms I've noticed.

When in map view and NOT navigating. the banner at the top of the screen DOES display (in text) the next roadway intersection. IE "Schmetz Drive ahead".

When in navigate mode, it displays all the roadways normally as it should in "view map" mode.

Any thoughts?



  • philhu 91 Points
    try changing the display detail to MOST. See if that resets it for you.
  • Thanks Philhu. Already tried that. While it DID increase some of the detail on the display, it added way more than I had before this started. When I went back to normal. It is still not displaying the side roads.
  • UPDATE: Did a hard reset. issue resolved. Sent email to support. Awaiting response. If I have t lose my favorites, recently saved and settings every 3 weeks, it's TomTom time.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    If you have to hard reset your unit every 3 weeks it's faulty, but just like any software controlled electronic device occasionally a hard reset (reboot) is needed to clear a glitch. In your case it could have been that or maybe a setting change that you hadn't realised you'd made. Either way there is no need to lose your favorites.

    Prior to a hard reset you can either use the Backup/Restore function in Garmin Express available here:

    or follow the instructions in the sticky How to backup your Nuvi
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